How to Choose the Best Website Templates for WordPress

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WordPress offers over 2 thousand free options. Many site owners don’t see any reasons to pay for what can be received for free. Saving is a good idea, but it hardly brings the desired results in the online sales business. Building your web projects like everyone else does is the wrong way that never leads you to good benefits.

Here individuality is the most valuable treasure. Of course, we can’t judge a book by its cover. But if you want to make the site an eye-catcher, it is better to look for your own style. In this sense, paid website templates for WordPress with a unique code, and advanced package features are the right investment. The price of a paid theme from TemplateMonster starts at $38. It’s ridiculous to regret several tens of dollars when the success of the business is at stake.

3 Main Features of Good Website Templates for WordPress

It corresponds to your field of activity.

Developing the themes’ designs, authors consider the features of a particular business and its target audience. Buying a ready-made one, you don’t need to research market trends or study the psychology of color. This knowledge has already been reflected in the template. 

It adapts to different devices.

According to the latest Global 2021 report, 51% of users get to browsers from smartphones. So template should be technically flawless:

  • change depending on screen is displayed;
  • interact with different browsers (Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Firefox) and operating systems;
  • work quickly and doesn’t irritate clients.

To find such website templates WordPress, it’s no need to be a programmer and dig the code. Just go to the TemplateMonster marketplace and set up a filter on responsive themes in the tags part. One more nuance: if you are going to sell digital or physical products, make sure that the theme you choose is compatible with WooCommerce. It is the most popular eCommerce plugins for its flexibility, scalability, and supporting a growing online business’s changing needs.

It is sold complete with technical support, necessary plugins, and systematically updated.

The world doesn’t stand still, and technologies are constantly evolving, so an upgrade is necessary for correct site work. Technical support will also be needed whenever you want to configure additional features. Buying a TemplateMonster’s theme, everyone can expect 6 months of professional technical support and free lifetime updates for the selected products.

How to install a template?

Installing a new design uses 5 steps.

  1. Create a database on the server and transfer the template there.
  2. On the control panel, find the export function in tools and upload files to your computer in .xml format.
  3. Open the WordPress admin panel, and go to the Appearance>Themes menu.
  4. At the top, click the Add New button.
  5. When the upload is complete, you need to activate the theme. Click the Activate button.

There is nothing complicated, but the ability to purchase an installation and customization service along with the template can be a real relief. This package from the TemplateMonster includes the installation and configuration of required plugins.

SEO plays an important role in choosing the best website templates for WordPress. The site can look amazing but full of poorly-coded HTML, negatively affecting its performance in the search engines. All WordPress themes available in the marketplace are well-coded and SEO-friendly. Click here to browse the inventory to pick your perfect design. 

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