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PDF is recognized by different programs and operating systems. There are many ways to create single files, but merging them is not always easy. If you want to generate a document from original PDFs or mixed data, look beyond simple online combiners. 

Today, users can merge hundreds of PDFs in a flash. They can include JPEG images, XLS spreadsheets, and other elements. For example, this unique tool can merge HTML files into one PDF in a batch. The output is highly customizable — you can add bookmarks, dates, watermarks, and more to protect the file or make navigation easier. 

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When Online Converters Fail

For the task of joining two PDFs together, an online service may suffice. Just upload your original documents, launch the merger and wait for completion. This is simple and quick, but the results may vary. 

First, the method is not reliable for large volumes of data. When accuracy is important, you need a guaranteed result. Secondly, not everyone is happy about having to send their documents to a website. If the information is confidential, you would not want to upload it. 

Finally, combining other files into a PDF is a challenge. Most online services can only handle input of the same format. Anything more complex requires a special combiner utility. 

Overview of the Best Features

Use our guide to find the best value for money. Top products are packed with useful features for editing and merger. They are flexible, lightweight, and affordable. Most of them have a trial period, so you can test their capabilities for free.

Range of Formats

Combining PDFs alone is too basic. Modern systems can handle a wide format variety. DOC files, HTML pages, Excel spreadsheets, PNG and JPEG images, TIFF, and other sources can all be turned into a single PDF. 

This flexibility is particularly important for corporate users. With one lightweight utility, you can create different types of documents, from invoices to reports to entire books. Include diverse data in a batch — you do not have to turn each file into a PDF in advance.

Ease of Use

Superior systems have an intuitive interface. Combining must be simple — ideally, it should include three steps. The user selects the files, sets their preferences, and launches the process. This software is much more powerful than online tools, which only allow you to specify the file order.  

You can transform individual files or the contents of a folder. For example, if you have 15 folders with five PDFs in each, the system will generate 15 multipage documents. It can even scour your system for files with particular elements in the title (e.g., ‘marketing’ or ‘report’). You can then rearrange them in any way you like.

Navigation Options

Only the best tools can create a clickable table of contents. The number of pages does not matter. Even the largest PDFs are easy to navigate — just click on the item, and you will be instantly taken to the corresponding section. 

Secondly, you should be able to add bookmarks. Some utilities allow three options. First, the markings can be taken from the original documents or a captions file. Alternatively, they can be generated based on document titles. Even files with thousands of pages are easy to use.

Cover Page

Without a cover, your output may look sloppy. Create an attractive page yourself — the best combiners can add a cover from a separate file. Alternatively, stick to the first page of the first document, or rearrange the order of items.

Access Restrictions

Creators of PDF must be able to safeguard their intellectual property. The best utilities come with several instruments. First, you can encrypt the content and set a password to protect it from unauthorized use. Secondly, you may insert watermarks with any information you like, such as the name of the company or the author. Finally, adjustment of user permissions lets you determine who will and will not access the PDF.

Lifetime License

If your work involves the use of PDFs, subscriptions make little sense. Instead, consider tools with a lifetime license. You will only pay once, and every new operation will be cheaper. As combiners are usually affordable, this is the best value for money. In addition, you will not have to worry about recurring payments.

Corporate Needs

The best solutions are suitable for personal and cooperative use. For example, they will allow you to create non-searchable PDFs or PDF/A documents for archiving purposes. Users may insert their digital signatures.

Combiners are also indispensable for e-discovery. They can stamp bates on every page of the document, so you can use it as evidence in court. The format of these identifiers is also adjustable.

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Final Words

As you can see, the best combiners are incredibly versatile. Despite their modest price, they allow you to merge various formats and create professional documents that are easy to navigate. From conversion to e-discovery, any task requires just a few clicks.

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