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How to Watch WWE on Kodi? List of Best Wrestling PPV Addons

best wwe wrestling kodi addons

Are you struggling to find the best WWE Kodi addons?

What if we tell you something that blows your mind? Can you stream all WWE Shows in one place? Yes, there is a way to watch all WWE-related content via Kodi. Isn’t it great?

Internet is flooded with similar searches and solutions, but most of them never work. Instead of providing better results, they bring malicious stuff to your devices or gadgets. Now you may be excited to watch WWE and don’t know how to watch.

Relax, don’t worry; we will help you find the best way to watch WWE on the Kodi Platform. We have used and tested multiple addons and selected the best one for you. To know more, just read the whole article.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free and open-source multimedia player from the XBMC Foundation where you can watch TV shows, Sports, Movies, and Videos online by using your PC, Mac, Android, or iOS Phone.

In some cases, Kodi becomes illegal for online privacy; if you want to use it, you must use a highly secure VPN, where there are limited addons for the Kodi platform. The list of the best WWE Kodi Addons options is explained in this article.

Why should VPN always be recommended for Kodi?

VPN is used to protect your privacy and security. Without using a VPN, your ISP can quickly identify which site you are streaming from, slowing down your internet speed if your ISP found that your site is consuming too much bandwidth. Video streaming services may block you from the content if they find you are hackers who can steal the personal details through man-in-the-middle attacks if it’s not encrypted.

VPN protects from the issues by encrypting the data and hiding the geographical location by changing your current IP address. This method helps you bypass ISP, and streaming sites can’t detect your location, and the identity is hidden from the hackers.

But, not all VPNs are 100% effective, where some VPN keeps log files of customers’ online activities, which can lead to other data that can be stolen, where some VPNs don’t have multiple servers in enough countries.

BEST WWE Kodi Addon 2022

Here we are discussing WWE Network, which requires a valid subscription to work. According to today’s scenario, this is the best and effective way to streaming WWE on Kodi.

Why do you need a Subscription for watching WWE?

If you are interested in WWE shows, we recommend investing in them, where the most popular websites that are mainly used for wrestling are WWE networks.

If you want to spend most of your time n these sites, it is beneficial to buy a subscription.

It will cost only $9.99 to $10 per month. You can directly get 9000 hours of instant subscription with on-demand programming.

How to Use Kodi Addon to Watch WWE?

WWE is one of the most-watched sports in the US, and It is one of the most popular and famous Sports. You can watch WWE on Kodi with the help of wrestling’s on-demand addon. This addon works appropriately without any kinds of errors. This addon is best for those who love watching wrestling.

  • First, download WWE Network for Kodi.
  • Start Kodi
  • On the left side of the main menu, select install from the zip file, a popup will appear
  • Double-click on it. And install the files
  • And you are done. The installation completed
  • To check, you can selects addons and launch them.

Now where to watch WWE WrestleMania 36 on Kodi.

These are the most popular Kodi addons for the WWE Streaming platform,

  1. SportsDevil Kodi Addon
  2. The Crew
  3. Sportowa TV
  4. Sport 365
  5. The Loop
  6. Nemesis
  7. Mobdro
  8. Deceit

Best Kodi Addons for WWE 

If you want to watch WWE on Kodi through PPV, then you must subscribe to stream events. But, by using the Kodi addons mention below, you can watch Kodi for free. In the market, you can get a lot of addons, but most of them never worked. Here are the top working addons.

Here are lists of working addons to watch WWE on Kodi.

  • WWE on demand
  • PS Vue
  • DIRECTV NOW and PlayON
  • TAP TV


Where Streaming WWE on Kodi through third-party addons or Build is illegal, and you might get in trouble if the government or your ISP finds that you are using illegal software on your device. So we recommend the best VPN services to protect yourself from exposure.

WWE on Demand Addon

The best part of this addon is its elegant and straightforward user interface. WWE on Demand addon is one of the most famous and highly recommended addons for streaming WWE on the Kodi media platform. The developers of WWE on-demand are constantly working on updating the app and bringing new features to it.

If you enjoyed the classic WWE, you could access all those Classic WWE on this app to get news regarding the WWE. But, most people don’t know how to download and install. Here, we provide a simple step to download and install the WWE on Demand addon.

  • Open Kodi and head over the setting option
  • Select File Manager and Add source and enter the correct URLhttp://repo.lookingglass.rocks/In the same section, enter any name and click Ok
  • Back to the home page and select addon
  • Click and choose the install from zip file option and then search for looking Glass in the list and also double click on the file name repository.lookingglasss.zip
  • Now wait for notification and then head back and choose install from repository and choose to look Glass.
  • Finally, choose the video addon and then head down the list to see the wrestling on Demand addon.

PS Vue

PS Vue is a Popular TV service. It has more than 47 channels for $39.99, including the United States of America (USA) and Europe Network. The best part of PS Vue is that it allows you to add shows to your “most favorite Shows.” The lists are automatically recorded for you and stored in the cloud. It helps you to schedule when you want to watch. It gives the flexibility to manage your time and protects your favourite shows.

The PS Vue Kodi addon is officially on the Kodi repository.


DIRECTV NOW is also the same as PS Vue, where it is also trendy for watching TV series. It is less expensive than DIRECTV NOW. It will cost around $35 per month for more than 71 channels. Including both the United States of America and Europe Network. The problem with DIRECTV NOW for Kodi users that it does not work for a standalone Kodi addon. To watch Sports on DIRECTV NOW, you must subscribe to PlayOn for $30 per year and use that to PlayON Kodi addon to watch TV.

PlayOn is an online DVR service that helps you legally record the programs from different streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime video, DIRECTV NOW, and many more. Once you have registered for the program, you can keep it forever, even if you cancelled the streaming services or Playon itself. If someone wants copies of their favorite wrestling shows, it may be worth using DIRECTV NOW, or PlayOn combined instead of Using PS Vue.

You can install PlayOn from the Official Kodi addon repository to access DIRECTV NOW menu from it.

Tap TV Addon

Tap TV is not specialed toward WWE, but its top quality apps are used to watch different channels on your Kodi, and WWE happens to be one amongst them. The best quality of the Tap TV Addon is its quality streaming. However, this app is free for everyone to use. You can watch every match on this addon, either from the past or live streaming.

The Installation Process

  • Lunch Kodi and go to setting and choose file manager
  • Double Click on the Add Source Option
  • Use this linkhttp://lazykodi.comand click ok
  • Enter your name
  • Go to the Home Screen and visit the Add-ons section.
  • Tap on the packages installer icon located at the top left section
  • Chose the package installation icon on the left corner.
  • Select LazyRepo then into repository> Androidada > repositories and finally choose model 1.3 zip
  • Head back and select an installation from the repository; now select Kodi Repository, then choose video Ads.
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