The 10 Best Trading Computers and Laptops for 2020

The 10 Best Trading Computers and Laptops for 20201

Trading is a special, complex profession that requires special computing machines: trading computers. As professionals in this field deal with a lot of data, it’s imperative for them to use devices apt for their craft. 

What Makes Trading Machines Different?

When you’re new to trading, you need to acquire a dependable trading computer first. But what is it that makes such a machine different?

First, their speed. They are extremely fast computers. Manufacturers designed them to keep up with the flow of data that traders need to make crucial decisions. In the world of trading, time is of the essence. And a computer that’s slow can spell out the difference between earning and losing a significant amount of money.

Furthermore, these computers are also able to support at least two monitors. Having multiple monitors allows them to track different charts, indexes, and market-related news. 

Additionally, unlike mass-produced desktops and laptops, trading computers undergo an extensive series of tests to ensure their reliability. Manufacturers are also keener to provide warranty and support services through an expert technical team. And it’s because they are well aware of how the performance of these devices is a vital determining factor of a trader’s success in the field.

The Best-Performing Trading Computers and Laptops of 2020

Whether you’re looking for your first-ever trading computer or planning to replace your dated device, we’re here to help. Here is a list of the best trading machines for you to choose from.

Falcon A-10 

The Falcon A-10 is a trading computer made for novice traders. Compact in size and economical in price, this desktop is powered by an AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation Processor. Furthermore, it provides an option for a maximum of 6 cores and 12 threads.

It can support up to 4 monitors — which are enough to handle the needs of someone who’s just ventured into trading. Additionally, you can avail a maximum of 1TB SSD. 

Falcon P-32 

If you’re looking for the best-value trading computers, you should check out the Falcon P-32. Striking a great balance between budget and performance, this machine can support up to 8 monitors. With this computer, traders can open more charts, indicators, and trading software.

Traders also need not worry about speed and storage. The Falcon P-32 has an option for a maximum of 8 cores and 16 threads. It has a maximum of 2TB SSD. 

Falcon F-37GT

Boasting an industry-leading performance, the Falcon F-37GT is packed with a CPU with speeds of up to 5GHz (it uses the latest Intel processor). It can also support up to 12 monitors. And like the Falcon P-32, it has up to 8 cores, 16 threads, and 2TB SSD.

This desktop computer carries the same seal of excellence that the F-37X model is known for. The F-37X is a remarkably popular Falcon product that changed the game for trading machines when it was introduced a decade ago. 

The 10 Best Trading Computers and Laptops for 2020

Falcon F-52GT 

The Falcon F-52GT is one of the most in-demand trading desktop computers. And it is its stellar speed that catapulted its popularity. Additionally, with an Intel X-series Processor with a maximum of 18 cores and 32 threads, it can process a lot of data within a short period of time.

This machine takes pride in having the best trading computer technology available in today’s market. And an added bonus is its option for a maximum of 2TB SSD — plus an option for extra 3TB storage with backup software.

Falcon F-1 Blue Ice 

Falcon’s most powerful creation yet, the F-1 Blue Ice, is as superb as it sounds. Considered one of the highest-performing trading computers today, this machine has a performance that exceeds 1,100 Giga-FLOPs or 1.1 Tera-FLOPs. 

The F-1 Blue Ice can have a maximum of 18 cores, 32 threads, and 2TB SSD (with an option for up to 3TB additional storage with backup software). Additionally, this desktop computer can support up to a whopping 16 monitors. 

Falcon F-10 

For traders looking for a portable machine, the Falcon F-10 is a high-end day trading laptop that can deliver consistently fast and reliable performance. It is packed with the latest 10th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor. Additionally, it has a maximum of 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD (with extra storage worth 2TB).

The Falcon F-10 has a screen option of 15.6 and 17.3 inches. Furthermore, you can connect it directly to 2 monitors.

Falcon F-15 

With Falcon F-15, you can trade with confidence whether you’re in the comforts of your own home or you’re on the road. And like the F-10, it is equipped with the 10th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor. 

It can also support multiple monitors (up to three for direct connections, and up to six using optional accessories). Its full-color illuminated keyboard only adds more beauty to this device.

Falcon F-30 

Touted as “the mobile desktop,” the Falcon F-30 is fast and efficient performance.  And it’s mainly thanks to its Intel Processor and Intel Z470 Chipset, with up to 8 cores and 16 threads. 

For better viewing, this laptop has a 17.3-inch full HD matte type display. Moreover, it is capable of directly handling up to three monitors (if you want to support up to 6, the needed accessories are also available). It also has a built-in webcam, microphone, and speakers for effective communication with others.

Falcon F-30A 

The Falcon F-30A is one of those trading computers made for convenient portability. Packed with the powerful AMD Ryzen 7 Processor and AMD B450 Chipset, this laptop is lightning fast — allowing traders to be more efficient with their activities. Additionally, you can connect this laptop to up to 6 monitors in total.

The F-30A has a maximum of 1TB SSD and 64GB RAM. Traders can also avail extra storage of up to 2TB SSD.

Falcon F-30M

A trading laptop equipped with 9th Gen Intel Core i9 mobile CPU, the Falcon F-30M is a compact powerhouse with an option for a maximum of 8 cores and 16 threads.

Furthermore, it has an option to support up to 6 monitors. But on its own, this laptop already offers a 15.6-inch OLED display and glare screen. And similar to the 30A, it has a maximum of 64GB RAM and 1TB SSD (extra storage is up to 2TB SSD).

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