8 Major Printer Glitches and their Potential Troubleshooting Methods

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Nowadays, owning a printer, be it in the residential and commercial sectors has become an essential requisite. Whether you want to opt for the completion of the print-associate jobs or require immediate scanning of an important organizational document — the significance of all-in-one printers is unavoidable. Moreover, with time, the inkjet and laser printers are becoming more advanced and the manufacturing companies are deploying numerous easy-to-access specifications to enhance the user experience. 

However, over time, likewise the other electronic equipment, even the high-end printing machines can start to degrade in its overall performance. Without adequate maintenance and repair, the printer will automatically become non-functional. Even a minor printer problem, such as printing jam issues can adversely affect the functionality of the device. 

Moreover, this sort of printing mishaps can be cumbersome, especially when you have a tight deadline. It will only bestow negative consequences. Well, you never know, you might even end up losing your business clients.

Don’t overlook the printing problem, because it can be easily prevented with the implementation of the appropriate troubleshooting approaches. However, it is always advised to opt for a printer repair company, if you get stuck between a repairing job. Here, we are compiling some common printer problems that might cause hindrance in the long run. 

Prevent the Printing Downtimes using Effective DIY Approaches

Before we head towards the common printing machine issues, we would like to suggest that a monthly inspection is crucial to overcome the printer breakdowns. Moreover, it will be highly beneficial in maximizing the upcoming printer problems that can make you pay an excessive repair amount. 

Have you recently come across a printing problem? Are you thinking of buying a new one just because you are unable to repair the printer? 

Wait! Hold on for a second! There are numerous leading printer repair companies across Dubai, who offer cost-effective printing solutions. Before you take any decision, consider availing professional guidance of printer repair Dubai.

And, do you know that when you will search “why my printer has stopped working”, you will be prompted with more than 240 search results. Yes! That’s right! This simply indicates that printing problems have been a considerable reason for users, across the globe. 

However, we all know that every major-minor problem comes with its possible solution. We just need to find the right methodical approach to unleash the possibilities. 

Let’s move to the potential reasons why printing machines stop responding all of a sudden.

Distorted Printing Quality

Are you continuously getting horizontal or vertical lines in the printing paper? Is the document appearing a little fuzzy? Don’t fret over such an easy-to-solve printing problem. However, before heading towards the solution to this problem, it is important to mention the reason behind such an occurrence. In most instances, a clogged print head is responsible for distorted or smudged printing images. Simply, consider cleaning the printing heads. 

Moreover, the latest printers are equipped with self-cleaning mode, which will automatically clean the printhead and retain the functionality within a short span. Is there an inappropriate print quality setting? It will even decline in printing quality. Make sure, you have opted for the right print quality settings to avoid unwanted printing problems, 

Paper Jams are Unavoidable

Imagine a scenario, where the printing page is about to come from the paper tray, but somehow it got stuck in the printer. Removing the paper from the printer can be a strenuous task, especially when you lack sufficient tech-knowledge. Moreover, few infallible reasons can extensively trigger paper jam issues. 

Whenever you overload the paper tray with unlimited printing pages, a paper jam issue will most likely occur. Alongside, if somehow a foreign object gets stuck inside the printer, this becomes an obstacle during the printing procedure. 

Have you inserted the paper incorrectly? No doubt, why you have faced paper jam issues. Because misalignment is another potential cause behind a paper jam. Consider cleaning the dirt and dust particles using a vacuum cleaner, and then re-insert the page to get a flawless printing. 

The Printer is not Printing

Is there a printing error message while printing a document? Is it “printer won’t print” message? Well, you shouldn’t consider hiring a printer expert in the first place. Because this sort of printing problem can be easily solved without expert assistance. Simply, turn off the printer and restart it to overcome this printing error.

Clearly, inspect the print configuration to prevent this sort of printing issues in the coming days. But why does this error message appear on the screen? Well, in most instances, when the computer fails to establish a connection with the printer, the printer becomes unreadable. 

Additionally, check if any of the connected cables need to be replaced. Check whether an incompatible or corrupted or backdated printer driver is causing this problem. Don’t forget to update the printer driver from the manufacturing page.

Scanning Problems can Appear

Generally, three reasons can restrict the printer from scanning. Before solving this “printer not scanning” problem, you should get to the root of the problem. This will pave the way to get a possible solution to the problem. Technically, when the printer generates problems during the scanning process, inadequate memory storage is responsible for such uncanny behaviour. 

On the other side, malfunctioned scanning sensors and failed connections between the printer and the computer can trigger such problems. With the help of qualified professionals, consider replacing the defective sensor. 

Sluggish Printing Response

Sometimes, the printing machine can lower the printing speed unexpectedly. And, there could be multiple reasons behind such slow-moving of the device. Practically, this sort of problem tends to take place because of outdated printing technology, or for wireless connection failure. Although, printing the premium quality images, or documents enabling the Draft Mode is the primary source of the problem. How to increase printing speed? Disable the draft and duplex mode and update the printing software, that’s it!

Wireless Connectivity Problems

This connection failure problem has consistently been dictated by the majority of printer owners. However, the distance between the printer and the modem technically causes this potential problem. So, make sure, for the next time when you opt for a printing job, check the cable and the distance between both the devices — that’ll be enough.

Printer Displaying “Low Ink Level” Message

Well, you don’t need to rush for an immediate ink cartridge replacement when you receive low-ink level warnings. Nearly every branded printer model has a specific ink cartridge level indicator. And, it will prompt a warning issue when the ink level will start to reduce rapid usage. 

The only way to determine if you should continue the printing process is by observing the overall printing time. Moreover, the print-quality will start to degrade when the printer won’t hold adequate ink to continue the print job. Simply, visit the nearby authorized print shop to get a compatible ink cartridge to avoid the cautions. 

Unable to Print from Smartphones

Almost every printing manufacturing company has launched their printing app, which permits the users to connect the device with the WiFi-enabled devices. Now, you can print the documents that are stored on your Android or iOS devices with ease. However, at times, you might get into trouble while performing the print jobs. Updating the app and checking the compatibility will bring back the connection. 

Is the Printer not Turning On? 

Obviously, the problem is associated with the power sources, in case the printer doesn’t boot up at all. And, if you are unable to resolve the printing problem, don’t hesitate to contact the professional printer repair Dubai specialists. 

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