10 Best Online Earning Apps in Pakistan: Money Making Sites

Best Online Earning Apps

Pakistan has experienced an immense digital revolution over the past several years. As more people gain access to smartphones, internet access and online earnings in Pakistan have increased exponentially. This transformational change has allowed individuals to diversify their income sources using their talents, time, and entrepreneurial spirits for maximum productivity and profits.

Imagine making money without ever leaving the comfort of your own home! From paying off debts, saving up for that dream trip, or creating an online income stream substantial enough, Pakistan’s top earning applications put the power in your hands to do precisely online earning in Pakistan.

Following are detailed reviews of each app in Pakistan to withdraw money to Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, and Bank Daily. Let’s embark on our quest to discover some of the most efficient earning apps that could transform both.

Best Online Earning Apps in Pakistan


App Name Highlights
Spin Earn PK Virtual Wheel Spinning; Varies based on activity; Over 1 million users; Offers Fun, interactive, and referral program for additional earnings. OS; Android and iOS; Payments; Mobile Wallets, Bank Transfer; Download link; Spin Earn PK  
Daraz E-commerce & Dropshipping; Variable, potential for substantial income; Millions of registered sellers; Established e-commerce giant, extensive customer reach, and product diversity. Comes with both a website and App, Payments, Bank Transfer, and Daraz Wallet. Download link: Daraz
Markaz Freelancing Marketplace: Depends on project rates; Proliferating; Platform for freelancers to showcase skills, bid on projects, and build a client base.; Web and App; Payments; Bank Transfer, PayPal; Link; Markaz
AdSense Display Ads on Websites; Varies based on website traffic; Millions of publishers; Passive income opportunity for website owners, reliable source of revenue. Both Web and App; Payments; Bank Transfer, Check; Link; AdSense
Amazon Affiliates Promoting Amazon Products: Commision is Variable and depends on sales; best for Affiliate marketers worldwide. Earn commissions by promoting Amazon products through blogs or websites.; Payments; Amazon Gift Cards, Direct Deposit; Signup URL; Amazon Associates
Binance Cryptocurrency Trading App: Income is Variable and depends on trading strategies; A significant number of users in Pakistan; A secure and trusted platform for cryptocurrency trading; Payments; Cryptocurrency Withdrawals. Link; Binance
Clip Claps Earn by Watching Videos and playing Games; Earning is Variable, based on activity; Over 1 million users; Engaging content, easy-to-use app, and rewards for user engagement.; Android and iOS apps; Paymetns; Mobile Wallets. link; Clip Claps
Toloka Completing Micro-Tasks and earning money; Earning Salaries depending on task complexity; Growing user base; Flexibility and opportunities for part-time income through micro-tasks.; Web and App; Payments through PayPal, Gift Cards; URL; Toloka
Pompak Ride-sharing app; earning is Variable, based on rides provided; Expanding user base’ An app for drivers to provide transportation services and earn money.; Android and iOS apps; Payments; In-App Wallet. URL; Pompak
Jeeto Paisa Gaming & Contests content: Earning Varies based on gaming performance; A significant number of gamers; Combines gaming entertainment with cash prizes for winning contests.; Android and iOS apps;; Mobile Recharge, PayPal. URL: Jeeto Paisa

1. Spin Earn PK

Spin Earn PK has gained much attention in Pakistan as an app that is captivating and rewarding. The concept is simple: players spin a virtual wheel, and with a bit of luck, they earn money. What makes this app stand out is the sense of Fun it adds to earning online. It’s not only about earning money; it’s also a fun leisure activity. 

Alongside the primary method of making Spin Earn, PK also offers an incentive program for referrals. If you invite your members to join, you’ll be able to earn commissions, which makes it a desirable option for those who have an extensive social network. If you’re looking to find a user-friendly application that can combine entertainment and income, then Spin Earn PK is worth a look.

2. Daraz

Daraz is an essential player in Pakistan’s e-commerce ecosystem and doesn’t only serve customers. For those looking to start an entrepreneurial path, Daraz provides an enticing opportunity. As an online seller on Daraz, you can advertise your items and reach an enormous customer base. 

Additionally, if you’re not interested in maintaining stocks, Daraz supports dropshipping, which allows you to sell your products without the need to maintain physical inventory. With its long-standing reputation and broad coverage, Daraz can serve as your gateway to the business world online. Daraz is a platform that can turn your business ideas into reality and benefit from the booming online retail market in Pakistan.

3. Markaz

Markaz provides freelancers in Pakistan an opportunity to showcase their talents and meet potential clients. Suppose you’re a content creator, graphic designer, programmer, or any other talent that is freelancing-related. In that case, Markaz provides a digital platform for you to show your skills and earn a profit.

The platform eases locating clients, negotiating contracts, and getting paid to do your job. Markaz isn’t just an online platform for freelancers, but it is also a community that encourages cooperation and development. If you’re a seasoned freelancer or just beginning your career, Markaz is an avenue to make money from your talents and establish a solid source of online earn Pakistan.

4. AdSense

For website owners and bloggers located in Pakistan, Google AdSense is a highly sought-after option to earn money from the digital assets of their website. This program of advertising allows the owners of websites to place advertisements on their platforms, and every time a person hits one of the ads, revenue is generated. 

The benefit of AdSense is its potential for passive income. If your site has a significant and active audience, the profits could become a steady and substantial source of revenue. It’s an effective tool that turns your blog or website into a profit-generating asset, making it a favorite option for digital entrepreneurs and content creators.

5. Amazon Affiliates

The Amazon Affiliates program is an effective way to earn money from your web content. Bloggers, web admins, website owners, and influencers on social media from Pakistan can join the program and earn commissions from advertising Amazon products. By including affiliate links in your blogs or social media, you can guide your readers to products available on Amazon.

 If they purchase using your affiliate link, you will earn a commission. This program doesn’t just benefit you but also improves the shopping experience of your customers as they are provided with suggestions for products they may find interesting. It’s a win-win for both the content creators and their followers.

6. Binance

The market for cryptocurrency trading is increasing in popularity across the globe, and Binance has established itself as a reputable platform for Pakistanis who are looking to enter this lucrative market. With the proper understanding and a well-planned strategy, you could earn a significant income from trading in cryptocurrency.

 Binance offers a safe and secure platform to purchase, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. The increasing interest of Pakistani citizens in digital currencies can make Binance an ideal option for those who wish to learn more about cryptocurrency and possibly benefit from the fluctuations in the price of different assets on the market.

7. Clip Claps

Clip Claps is an app that is fun and offers Pakistanis an innovative way to make money and have Fun simultaneously. Users earn points when they watch short video clips and play games. It’s a relaxing activity that can be effortlessly integrated into your routine. The more you use the app, the more money you earn. 

Clip Claps can transform your leisure time into a profitable opportunity. It is a good option for those who appreciate gaming and multimedia. The app’s user-friendly interface, as well as engaging content. Makes it a favorite choice for those who want to earn money with little effort.

8. Toloka

Toloka allows people in Pakistan to take part in micro-tasks to earn money. These tasks include the annotation of data, categorization of images, and much more. It’s flexible and lets you complete these tasks according to your schedule. 

Toloka is an excellent option for people who value the concept of the gig economy and want opportunities to earn part-time income. If you have only a few minutes or a couple of hours, you can use Toloka to online earning Pakistan by participating in different projects and undertakings.

9. Pompak

Pompak is a local ride-sharing application that offers a unique possibility for Pakistanis to make money as drivers. If you have a car, have some spare time, and are interested in being a Pompak driver, it could be an excellent opportunity to earn additional income.

 You can help customers with their transport needs while earning some money in exchange for your services. The user-friendly application and the growing user base make it an excellent option for those looking to transform their vehicles into revenue-generating assets. It’s a perfect option for those seeking lucrative opportunities to earn in Pakistan’s transport sector.

10. Jeeto Paisa

Jeeto Paisa is an engaging gaming app that provides a unique opportunity for Pakistanis to earn money playing games and taking part in contests. The app offers entertainment and earnings, allowing players to test their abilities and be awarded cash prizes. 

For those who love gaming, Jeeto Paisa will enable them to turn their passion into an opportunity to earn income. The excitement of competition, the thrill of winning, and the lure of cash prizes make Jeeto Paisa a trendy option for those who love playing games while earning money.


In a rapidly changing digital environment, apps for online earning in Pakistan have accessible ways for Pakistanis to earn more. Suppose you’re looking for a fun method to make money and showcase your skills. Explore the possibilities of e-commerce and digital assets.

These apps are geared towards different preferences and offer various withdrawal options to Jazzcash, Easy Paisa, and Bank Daily.

They allow you to use your spare time, experience, or car to achieve financial stability and freedom. The options are numerous, and the possibilities are immense, which makes these apps a must for those who wish to control their financial destiny.

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