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12 Best Software Houses in Islamabad | Best IT Companies

Best Software Houses in Islamabad

Software companies in Islamabad have a significant impact on different industries by helping businesses become more efficient and productive by implementing technological innovations.

These software companies streamline processes, cut expenses, and improve profits, aiding overall economic growth. Software houses can also generate jobs and reduce unemployment. They contribute significantly to the revenue generated by IT service exports.

In this blog, we have explained the top 12 software houses in Islamabad, Pakistan and highlight their core areas of work, technical skills and their role in the development of technology and software export. These software houses not only boost Islamabad’s tech industry but also boost Pakistan’s image globally in the technology world.

List of Best Software Houses in Islamabad

Software House Technical Expertise and Details Highlights
S&P Global – Leader in technical information and analytics

– Actively recruits Full Stack Developers specializing in Java in Islamabad

– Thousands of employees

– Reported revenue over $7 billion 

DPL (Desired Programming Ltd.) – Specializes in enterprise digital transformation and custom software development.

– Serves clients in the USA and Sweden

– Hundreds of employees

– Reported revenue not available

10Pearls – Specializes in software development, product design, and technology acceleration.

– Global presence with branches in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and international locations.

– Over 500 employees.

– Reported revenue not available – Focuses on automation and digital solutions.

– Headquartered in Islamabad with branches in key cities across Pakistan.

– Over 20 employees.

– Reported revenue not available.

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Emumba – Focuses on DevOps, data pipelines, and analytics.

– Contributions to product management and software development.

– Over 100 employees.

– Reported revenue not available.

NetSol – Provides IT and enterprise software solutions focusing on leasing and finance software.

– Offices in various key cities in Pakistan

– Over 1,000 employees

Reported revenue over $52 million 

Systems Limited – A multinational technology company offering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.

– Branch offices in various cities

– Over 5,000 employees

– Reported revenue over $75 million (2020)

Evamp & Saanga – A leading developer of web, mobile, and telecom-related applications and solutions in multiple regions. 

– Over 100 employees

– Reported revenue not available

Elixir Technologies – Specializes in improving communications for organizations through streamlined processes

– Offers various services

– No specific employee or revenue data is available

United Sol – Expertise in eCommerce website development and digital marketing services.

– Over 50 employees

– Reported revenue not available

Enbridge – Provides tailored IT solutions to businesses in various industries.

– Headquartered in Islamabad, Pakistan

– Over 50 employees

– Reported revenue over $100K available

Ropstam Solutions – Distinguished in web, mobile, and software development

– Headquarters in Canada with software houses in Pakistan and India

– Over 50 employees

– Reported revenue not available 

1. S&P Global

S&P Global, a distinguished company in financial data analysis, increased its presence in Islamabad, Pakistan, and created a robust software hub. Their Islamabad facility is an active center for technological innovation and job creation that offers numerous opportunities in the technology and software sector.

S&P Global seeks creative minds in Islamabad and emphasizes the significance of the visual aspects of their projects and the products they offer. Designers are a vital component in improving the user experience and aesthetics of products. In keeping with the ever-changing technology industry, S&P Global is actively hiring Full Stack Developers specialized in Java. Full Stack Developers are at the forefront of creating maintenance, optimizing, and maintaining software applications.

These listings testify to the deep-rooted position of S&P Global in the technology and software landscape, showing its dedication to technological development. The expansion is not only an indication of the growing importance of Islamabad within the global tech landscape but also underscores S&P Global’s commitment to nurturing technology talent locally.

2. DPL (Desired Programming Ltd)

DPL (Desired Programming Limited.) is one of the well-known software firms based out of Islamabad, Pakistan. It has a global presence and provides clients across the globe, including those from the USA and Sweden.

The headquarters of the company are located in Islamabad, Pakistan. There are also local offices across the USA, and they are located at 66 West Flagler Street, Suite 900, Miami, Florida. Furthermore, DPL is known for being the first to introduce Agile practices and foster an innovative culture in the software development industry.

DPL was established two years ago as a software development company and has since become an expert in digital transformation for several major corporations worldwide. They focus on “Innovation as a Service”. They are renowned for their unique culture, which they call “Rebel Ethos,” which allows their team to offer cutting-edge technology solutions for their customers.

3. 10Pearls

10Pearls is a company that develops software and specializes in various digital services, such as design and development of software, product design, and acceleration of technology. They are a leader in the development of various software applications, including mobile, web, and enterprise applications, employing a range of technology stacks that are tailored to their customers’ needs.

They use Agile methods, place a high value on quality assurance, and are knowledgeable about cybersecurity. There are branches in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore, as well as a variety of international locations that include those in the USA, Canada, and Dubai; 10Pearls offers a diverse range of services.

They offer services for cloud-based infrastructures, deployment and management, and mobile apps for platforms like iOS and Android. They are prepared to handle the latest technologies, including IoT, and provide services that are related to AI (AI) as well as machine learning. This expertise in technology places 10Pearls as an adaptable and forward-thinking participant in software development.

4. is a revolutionary software house with its headquarters in Islamabad, Pakistan, with an emphasis on digital solutions and automation. They focus on the B2B (B2B) marketplace and provide an array of services that fulfill the requirements of companies in the digital age. With branches in the major cities across Pakistan and the provinces of Lahore and Karachi, is positioned to impact Pakistan’s technology market.

At, services include online development, digital marketing automation, and data management. These services are in sync with the ongoing digital revolution and the growing demands for digitally redesigned business processes. is poised to help significantly in the digital transformation of Pakistan and will have a lasting impact on industries and businesses not just in Islamabad but also in other cities of the countries as well as providing software solutions to global industries.


5. Emumba

Emumba is a renowned software technology company located in Islamabad, Pakistan, founded in 2011 with a clear goal to improve the agility of large corporations by using the latest technology. They place a strong emphasis on data pipelines, DevOps, and analytics. This coincides with the rising demands for innovative digital solutions within the technology business. The company also contributes to the process of managing products in software development, as well as the creation of products in-house.

Owais Anjum, chief executive officer of Emumba, is an experienced Silicon Valley veteran with experience in providing top-quality products. He has played an integral part in the scaling of teams in both the United States and Pakistan.

Emumba’s most notable ventures include Cricout, an online social network that is centered around cricket, and other startups such as GivingAtWork as well as PatientsWithPower.

Emumba’s reach isn’t restricted to Islamabad by itself. There are branches in different cities in Pakistan, like Lahore, Karachi, and other cities, to accommodate the growing demands for digital solutions and services for software development across the nation. 

6. NetSol

NetSol Technologies, a renowned worldwide supplier of IT Software solutions for enterprises, keeps an extensive presence within Islamabad, Pakistan. NetSol’s Islamabad Branch of NetSol plays an integral role in the creation and distribution of cutting-edge software products designed to increase the efficiency of operations and support the digital transformation efforts of companies around the world.

The location of this branch in the capital of Pakistan makes it possible for NetSol to remain in the lead of technology advancement and adapt to the changing demands of business in an ever-changing digital world.

NetSol Technologies’ focus on the finance and leasing software industry has earned it notoriety, and the business provides various customers worldwide.

Alongside Islamabad, NetSol has established offices in several other major cities in Pakistan and across the country, including Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and Peshawar. NetSol’s Islamabad team is renowned for its technical know-how, as well as its commitment to excellence and unwavering determination to develop innovative and progressive software solutions. T

7. Systems Limited

Systems Limited is a prominent Pakistani multinational technology company headquartered in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The company is renowned for its part in technology and the Information Technology (IT) sector and its determination to drive technological innovation and implement technology solutions.

Systems Limited is the first Information Technology company in Pakistan that offers various business services and solutions. They provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services and are the biggest exporter of software in Pakistan. Systems Limited specializes in delivering technologically-driven solutions to a broad customer base. Aezaz Hussain is the Chairman and the Founder of Systems Limited, and Asif Peer is the CEO and Managing Director. Both have played a crucial role in the company’s expansion and success.

Systems Limited has expanded its coverage nationwide to cater to a broader client base. Systems Limited has branch offices in several cities, which include Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Multan, that allow the company to offer services to clients across the country. As a Systems Integrator (SI) company, Systems Limited has a global presence and provides the latest professional services as well as BPO solutions in the field of technology.

8. Evamp & Saanga

Evamp & Saanga is a prominent company known for its position as a top developer of mobile, web, and telecom-related solutions and applications across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia regions. The company was founded in 2001 with the primary goal of developing and designing innovative solutions for the converging market of mobile, internet, and telecom. Evamp & Saanga has earned the reputation of being a leader in the field of technology and offers the latest digital solutions.

The company is active in various domains, such as mobile application development, web design creation, and telecommunications, making it a primary provider of digital engagement platforms and cutting-edge services. Evamp & Saanga is an ISO-27001 accredited company, demonstrating its dedication to maintaining the highest standards in information security. It also holds a CMMI 2 Level 2 certification, which reflects the company’s commitment to process and quality improvement.

9. Elixir Technologies

Elixir Technologies is a technology and services provider that is well-known for its efforts to improve communication for businesses by streamlining processes. The company is active in document creation, resource management, converting documents to print streams and archives, and web-based solutions for document innovation and collaboration. Elixir Technologies is recognized for helping companies improve communication with their members and customers.

In 1985, the company was founded. Elixir Technologies has a rich background in the technology industry. It is located in Islamabad, Pakistan, and it provides a variety of solutions, such as software development, SEO, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and mobile apps, as well as web-based design, hosting domains, and social media marketing.

10. Unitedsol

United Sol is a distinguished web design and development firm headquartered in Islamabad, Pakistan. They have received recognition and accolades for their skills in eCommerce website development and online marketing solutions. What makes United Sol apart is their capability to offer a variety of solutions for a variety of e-commerce platforms, such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, and Opencart. This flexibility allows businesses to select the best forum that fits their needs. The team of experts at United Sol can develop custom solutions.

United Sol is particularly appealing because of its dedication to low cost without sacrificing quality. It makes them an excellent option for businesses across Pakistan and the globe that are looking to establish an effective online presence. If you’re seeking to develop an eCommerce website or require assistance with your digital marketing, United Sol’s solutions are specifically designed to meet your needs. Their success and commitment to customer satisfaction have United Sol as a trusted service provider for all your digital requirements.

11. is located in Islamabad, Pakistan, and is a well-known software firm with an enviable reputation for providing custom IT solutions to companies across diverse sectors. What distinguishes Ebridge from the rest is its steadfast commitment to delivering outcomes. They have a results-oriented approach, which allows businesses to reach their goals efficiently and effectively—specializing in e-commerce and corporate websites. Enbridge is renowned for its experience in web development that is custom-designed, providing clients with top-quality solutions that are in line with their specific needs and goals.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it is essential to have a solid web presence, and user-friendly sites are crucial. Ebridge’s products are designed to help companies prosper by ensuring they remain relevant and appealing to their intended audience. 

12. Ropstam Solutions

Ropstam Solutions is a renowned mobile, web, and software development company known for its top-quality services that help businesses grow. With more than thirteen years of experience in the field, Ropstam can be described as a reliable partner in mobile and web development. They provide top-quality digital products with a commitment to quality. They ensure that their customers get top-quality solutions for their mobile apps and web development requirements.

This software house provides various services, such as web development, software development, and application development. Ropstam distinguishes itself from other companies with its offshore offerings, which allow it to work with clients across the globe and offer custom solutions that are tailored to the specific business requirements of each client. Their dedication to excellence and creativity is evident in their broad portfolio, highlighting their experience in PHP, Laravel, React, Node.js, Android, iOS, and many more.


In the middle of Islamabad, Pakistan, an active and vibrant software development community has emerged. From giants in the industry like S&P Global DPL (Desired Programming Ltd.). Which specializes in the digital transformation of enterprises. Islamabad’s software houses provide an array of technologies and services.

Some famous names, such as Systems Limited, Evamp & Saanga, Elixir Technologies, United Sol,, and Ropstam Solutions, are adequately explained. Also, many further enhance the software landscape in Islamabad by offering expertise in various areas.

They include mobile apps, web development, telecoms, and digital marketing. The software houses in Islamabad are proof of the city’s capacity as a thriving tech hub. Their successes demonstrate the strength and determination of Pakistan’s IT market.

Masri serves as the Chief Content Editor at BestKodiTips. With three years of experience, she excels in creating technical content, focusing on how-to guides, Android and Kodi tutorials, app reviews, and addressing common technological challenges. She ensures to stay abreast of the latest tech updates. Outside of work, Masir finds pleasure in reading books, watching documentaries, and engaging in table tennis.

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