Top 8 Free Apps Needed for Every Small Business Owner

Top 8 Free Apps Needed for Every Small Business Owner

For the success of any business and take it to a large scale in the future, one has to start a small business at some point in time. 

Therefore, small business owners need to put in the efforts that will eventually help them succeed. Now there are many ways to bring success to a business at an institutional level, but with the right use of apps and tools available in the market right now as well as with mobile banking development, success can come at a simple way. 

These apps can not only help in accounting, budgeting, banking or operations but can also help in the slightest of automation in the business.

Therefore, using some particular apps for helping the business is particularly an advantage today. 

Many of these apps charge money in exchange for their services but a lot of them are completely free of cost as well. Even though many small business owners give preference to the business directory website builder apps, it is equally important to have apps that can help to organize and successfully run a business.

Given below are 8 of the best free apps that can be used by the small business owners to organize their business in every possible way and thus succeed at their business in an easier way.

Top 8 Free Apps Needed for Every Small Business Owner

Below, we have selected 8 best apps which you should try for the success of your small business.

  • Skype

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Free video calls can be an integral part of communication, be it with the customers or the dealers or whoever it turns out to be necessary at a particular point of time. Even though there are a lot of apps that provide free video calls, Skype is the most comprehensive and easy to use one.

Direct meetings with contractors or consulting some experts before taking a decision may be necessary at one point, and with the HD clear video calling from Skype, the communication becomes very easy.

  • Slack

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When it comes to productivity and providing work communication, Slack is the app to beat in the market at present. One can use this app to send messages to employees or workers or co-workers to share ideas or post an important update.

The method of sending too many emails to individuals or groups seem to be so outdated now. Integration with other productive apps is also supported by Slack.

  • Evernote

Writing down the ideas that one may suddenly get while working which may later turn out to be masterstroke is one of the secrets of the success of a business.

Contrary to the old idea of writing it down in the notebook, this app Evernote is here to help with just that by taking note of the important details. For small business owners, it may be important to keep notes of daily tasks and goals.

Evernote can help with that and make the business a little more organized. The owners will then be getting sure reminders of the important things to do and manage.

  • Mint

A successful part of a business is budget management. For the small business owners, budget management can even determine the next level of projects they can take up in the future. One of the best apps present to help with managing the budget is Mint at present.

It can help to track the fees that need to be paid, the fixed or variable fees, the extra expenses, and the emergency expenses. Thus, it can help in giving a business owner a fine grasp on how the expense is going at any point in time.

  • Wave

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One of the best free apps that provide banking and budgeting needs, Wave is particularly good for payments and keeping a record of the expenditure as well.

Apart from helping in accounting, the financial features include creation and sending of professional invoices that can be personalized to an extent and can be of any currency. Also, connection with credit or debit cards, banking, scanning receipts, and tracking expenses can be done for free in Wave.

  • Toggl

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Effective time management is one of the most important factors that may determine the success of a business.  For the small business owners, this is even more important. The app Toggl is specially designed for time tracking purposes that can help the business owners to get a track of the time that they are using on various things. This way, one can later assess how much time is getting wasted and what steps can be taken to make it more productive.

  • Genius Scan

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Keeping a digital copy of the important documents that can be needed in any moment and submitting or uploading them to the parties concerned in a timely manner is a huge factor for the success of a business. The app Genius Scan helps with just that. Once the PDF Converter App installed on phone, any pictures of the documents taken on it will be automatically converted to PDF files or JPEG files, as needed. This way, producing an important digital document in the time of need will not be a problem anymore with the use of Genius Scan.

  • UNUM

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The small business owners also need to give equal effort to the proper promotion and the digital marketing of their business in a proper way. The social media platforms and visibility in them are probably one of the most important ways to market a business at present and reach the target audience. Therefore, marketing efforts need to be pretty standard and the app UNUM is specifically made to do just so.

This app directly attaches itself to Instagram, and when used as an account for the business, it will ensure that the number of audiences it reaches goes higher with time. Of course, their interest in the business will depend on the types of service it provides, but the small business owners need not worry about reaching a large audience anymore with this app.


With such amazing apps that not only provide such exceptional services but also work completely free of cost, the small business owners can easily get back the results of their hard efforts which they have put in their business in an easier and quicker fashion.

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