Basics for Marketing Students: Is TV & Radio Marketing Dead?

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Digital marketing had obviously changed marketing as it had been known before the Internet emerged.

Our parents were used to public announcements, messages in newspapers, and people shouting out the brand’s names in the street. Today, we can barely see leaflets or other printed marketing tools replaced by social media advertising and other marketing tricks. Nevertheless, it’s too early to say that TV and radio marketing is dead.

We still consume lots of information we get from TV and radio. Even those ads we can hear in supermarkets are actually radio ads. So why do you believe that TV and radio marketing tricks are no longer effective?

Together with the EssayWritingService marketing team, working on promoting writing essays service to students, we’ll explain how TV and radio still play an important role in marketing.

Podcasts Are a New Radio?

One might think that they can avoid marketing if they switch to podcasts rather than listen to the traditional radio. Again, they are wrong if they think there is a big difference in how marketing is done with podcasts.

Recorded monologues or dialogues are pretty much the same as a radio. You choose to listen to things that meet your interests. However, no one says that marketing there is dead. On the contrary, podcast marketing is very much alive since it helps target specific demographics.

Modern Radio Is a Hybrid

Radio has also transformed even more than we think. People used to listen to those chats to feel entertained while commuting to work and back home. Today, however, we all have the privilege of choosing the content we want to listen to. Radio has gone digital.


Even though nothing has changed much, this modern radio has made it easier to incorporate marketing into the content. We listen to conversations that are full of brand names, product ads, and other stuff.

For example, if, when discussing certain businesses, hosts mention their brand names, you should look for hidden advertising in those conversations. For example, when Essay Pro reviews or the EssayWritingService company are discussed, it’s quite possible that they are being marketed. That’s just a less superficial way than a direct ad.

TV Works for Certain Demographics Better

People used to spend hours in front of their TVs. That’s why price wars were so common among companies for their ads to be shown during prime time. Social media has changed that but only for people of certain ages.

Children and the elderly still spend their time watching their favourite TV shows. Why do you think toy sales are growing? Their ads are incorporated into cartoons and children’s play shows.

For the elderly, it works the same way. They tend to watch programs about gardening, health, and other subjects. Related products are being constantly advertised to them. Stay-at-home moms who turn on the TV to fill the void are also the targets of TV marketing now.

TV Is Still Watched

Many people would say that they don’t watch TV anymore. What they mean is rather regular TV programs. Most of them have just moved to online streaming platforms like Hulu or Netflix.


It’s hard to say that marketing is absent there. Traditional ads, indeed, are very much limited. They never break the movie in the middle, forcing you to spend another 5 minutes watching things you don’t really need.

However, the ads have blended with the content being created by those platforms. Have you recently seen Apple devices used here and thereby the actors in the movies? Don’t be a trick; this is is obviously marketing.

TV Still Has a Few Best-Selling Shows

Some channels are still making billions on TV ads. How? Easy. They host interviews for the world’s most powerful people. For example, the interview Meghan and Harry gave to Oprah was non-commercial. However, the time during short-term breaks was quite pricey.

The same refers to news channels. They often have some quality breaking news or host political debates that gather thousands of people who might not watch TV daily. This is the best time for companies to run their ads because their effect on sales is felt for months.

Final Words

Traditional marketing channels are not dying – they are evolving. They get mixed up with digital marketing to keep up with the trend and make the promotion even more successful. It’s wrong to assume that TV & radio marketing or print marketing won’t be there in the future. They will transform, but the best practices are likely to remain the same.

Therefore, don’t rush to conclusions. Compare and contrast the content you consume today against the one that existed years ago. The placement of the ads has changed, but what about the meaning? Marketers still achieve their goals of boosting sales volumes. They still make thousands of people rush to buy certain products. That means marketing never dies.

Masri serves as the Chief Content Editor at BestKodiTips. With three years of experience, she excels in creating technical content, focusing on how-to guides, Android and Kodi tutorials, app reviews, and addressing common technological challenges. She ensures to stay abreast of the latest tech updates. Outside of work, Masir finds pleasure in reading books, watching documentaries, and engaging in table tennis.

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