Apple to Manufacture iPhone 14 in India Rather than in China

iphone 14 in india

Due to tensions between the United States and China and Covid policies, Apple is now moving to India to manufacture the new iPhones. According to the US-based tech giant, the company is moving to India to find diversity in iPhone 14 production and move from its dependency on China.

According to a release by Apple, they are excited to partner with India to manufacture iPhone 14 in the country. Apple is already making older iPhones in India through Foxconn, a Taiwanese company. The firm has a factory in the south of India.

The latest developments come soon after the company launched the new series of most awaited iPhones.

Last year around 7.5 million iPhones were manufactured, and only 3% were made in India. Now the company is expecting 11 million iPhone models this year.

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