Apple is Changing iPhone’s End Call Button to the Right Bottom

Apple is Changing iPhone's End Call Button to the Right Bottom

As Apple released the iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 beta 3 for developers and testers, there is a new interesting change seen, the change in the iPhone’s call hang-up button. In the new beta 3, the bottom call end button is moved to the bottom right of the screen.

Apple is Changing iPhone's End Call Button to the Right Bottom

The call screen is not changed in any major way right from the release of the first iPhone. One major change that was done to the call screen is the addition of FaceTime. But now in the iOS 17 beta 3, there is a significant change to the location of the call hang-up button.

The function remains the same but the placement is changed. There is mixed feedback about this section and seems like most of the iPhone uses are not fans of this change.

It is important to know that most of the iPhone competitors including Samsung Galaxy phones use the end call button at the traditional location – the center of the screen.

The new position of the end call button is a bit confusing. It is not confirmed yet whether Apple will release the iOS 17 with the new end call button position or will they stick to the same old design of the call screen.

Experts think that this change may not be permanent and Apple will move back the end call button to its old position when they release the iPhone 15 lineup and iOS 17 later this year.

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