iOS 14 Beta is Coming for Testing, Changes in Wallpapers and App Library

iOS 14 Beta is Coming for Testing, Changes in Wallpapers and App Library

iOS 14 is the 14th update to the Apple iOS operating system for mobile phones. The release of iOS 14 was initially announced on June 22, 2020. Based on the 7th beta version of iOS 14 for developers, there are many big changes to the successor of iOS 13. There are few noteworthy changes in the iOS 14 that might work as a surprise for the iPhone users.

The big changes are in terms of App Library and Wallpapers. According to the beta of iOS 14, the App library is entirely updated. The category names are also changed. There is also the addition of new categories such as Food and Travel are the newly introduced section in the new iOS 14.

Besides the changes into categories, the other noteworthy change comes in terms of Wallpapers. The previous wallpapers pattern has been changed and updated to work with both normal and dark mode. In the dark mode, the wallpaper will work with just the stripes in the middle.

These are not the only changes, more will be added to the story once noticed. If you think, you can add something to the story, please feel free to share your insights with us.

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