Apple Privacy Protection – A New Move for Users Privacy Protection

Apple Privacy Protection - A New Move for Users Privacy Protection

In a surprising move, Apple has announced its new privacy policy ahead of the launch of Apple iPhone 12 and iOS 14.

In the new privacy policy of Apple Inc., they want to protect their customers and Apple devices to the maximum level they capable of.

As of the new policy, Apple says that some personal information shouldn’t be shared publicly without proper permission from the user himself/herself.

Your passwords, your online activities involving your personal data shouldn’t be public on the web. Your buying history should be private. The company says.

The new privacy law by Apple Inc. is like a bombshell for rival companies particularly Google and Facebook. The news from Apple means that the company means business and they will do whatever important for achieving this.

The aim of the new privacy policy is to help users maximum satisfaction when it comes to their phone data. It means that whatever you do on your iPhone, says on your iPhone.

This article was first published on Forbes.

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