Microsoft Revamping Its Touch Keyboard with Vice Typing, Emojis, and GIFs

Microsoft Revamping Its Touch Keyboard with Vice Typing, Emojis, and GIFs

According to the sources, Microsoft is planning to revamp its touch keyword with some advanced features including Emojis, Gifs, and vice typing commands. The updated touch Keyword will bring a new revolution to Windows 10 OS where it will be easier for the end-users to work fast and precise ways. End-users of Microsoft Windows 10X now can enrich the text with emotions.

The new addition to the Touch keyboard is known as WonderBar for Microsoft Windows 10X. The WonderBar contains better user experience, layouts, and advanced typing experience for regular use.  The concept is almost similar to iOS functionality.

According to TheVerge, Microsoft is working on Emoji picker updating in the latest Windows 10. The functionality gets enabled when a user presses Winkey + Period. In the new keyboard, all the functionalities required for the keyboard such as animated GIF, emoji search, emoji input are all on a single page.

Microsoft is also planning to make improvements in the Windows by adding Dubbed voice typing and the voice to text functionality. Alongside the touch keyboard improvements, these new updates will add more value to one of the oldest Operating systems for computers and smartphones.

The changes mentioned here are all in the beta version and are tested this week by the inside team.

The blog post idea for this blog post was taken from TheVerge.

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