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Any fan of virtual shooters who’s played Call of Duty or Far Cry for hours should try airsoft. This sport is all about shooters, organized in areas that often look like they were taken straight out of an FPS/TPS game. You can even go so far as to say that airsoft is a shooter game transferred into real life, better even than VR and more exciting than any other game because the experiences are much more realistic – after all, you become one of the combatants!

Similarities between airsoft and video games

An airsoft shooter, just like a video game, can feature various scenarios, often reenacting military or special forces operations, which is, after all, one of the most popular themes of video games. And just like in a video game, one needs to demonstrate lightning-quick reflexes, agility and tactical thinking. Anticipate the enemy’s actions and be always vigilant – the enemy can attack from any side, when you least expect it!

In airsoft, two teams face each other using replicas of firearms – full size models that look very realistic. The airsoft gun offer includes replicas of real firearms, the virtual equivalents of which can also be found in virtual shooters, as well as weapons from cult Sci-Fi movies or games.

The main goal of an airsoft shooter is to defeat the enemy. We can also “die” ourselves and, depending on the game scenario, respawn at a pre-set time.

Airsoft is a team sport, so it is very important to establish a certain level of synergy and communication with the rest of the team members. This is also a common feature for airsoft and virtual (multiplayer) shooters. Airsoft skirmishes usually take place in forests or abandoned industrial or urban structures (factories, warehouses, etc.). So, as we see, shooters can have a natural or more industrial setting – just like video games.

Airsoft – what is this exciting sport all about?

The popularity of airsoft is growing every year and the sport is constantly gaining new legions of dedicated players. They include women and men, teenagers and their parents – and maybe even grandparents – and representatives of all trades and professions. Airsoft is so diverse and interesting an entertainment that everyone can find something for themselves in its world. It is also a kind of physical activity that we can adapt to our abilities. It requires strategic thinking, exercising not only our muscles but also our minds. Airsoft provides many positive sensations and memories and, thanks to the fact that it is a team sport, promotes contact with other people. First of all, however, it is a real treat for all fans of military and history, as well as firearms enthusiasts.

Airsoft is a shooting sport and its main equipment are replica firearms – airsoft guns. They must reflect the appearance of the actual firearms on which they are modeled as accurately as possible, which is why airsoft guns are made in a 1: 1 scale and often use very similar – or even the same – materials.

The biggest advantage of airsoft guns is not only that they look realistic, but can also actually shoot. The most interesting option is to assemble an airsoft team with which we will battle (and hopefully defeat) opposing teams. The battlefields are forests or clearings, as well as abandoned factories or warehouses.

Airsoft guns look so realistic that they are often difficult to distinguish from real firearms, but they are completely legal and safe. You do not need any permits for them and anyone can buy an airsoft gun at any time – e.g. in an online store, such as We can shoot our airsoft gun not only during various types of games, but also at a shooting range, in our own garden or even at home.

Why should video game fans try airsoft?

Airsoft is the perfect sport for all computer game fanatics – after all, it’s their real-life counterpart! It allows much greater immersion in action and thus provides even greater adrenaline kicks. Everything is more real, including much stronger emotions. Even the best graphics cannot replace real game areas and real opponents. Airsoft is a 5D game, because it is accompanied not only by visual and auditory effects, but also by the impact of “bullets” and the smells of the environment, and sometimes even the taste of the soil, when we crawl on the ground to surprise the opponent.

Shooting from a replica of a real weapon is also very entertaining, as the airsoft gun looks not only realistic, but also oftenimitates the way real models work. Mechanisms such as Blow-Back, i.e. bolt recoil, the need to reload the airsoft shotgun, or the faithfully recreated way of loading ammunition – all this increases the realism of the airsoft game to a level that will never be achieved in a virtual shooter. So, if you’re a gamer looking for a great adrenaline rush – airsoft is definitely the best choice!

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