How to Hack Someone’s Phone without Physical Access

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If you ask your loved ones to hand over their phones to you, they would ask you why! After a lot of disagreements, in the end you wouldn’t get the phone. Not to mention, you would have tarnished your relationship quite aesthetically.

So, why must you go through all this hassle when you can still hack someone’s phone without physical access? Without fretting over how to hack a phone without access, this article will offer you the most reliable solution. 

What is Safespy?

Just like its name suggests, Safespy is a web based application completely safe from identification. As a web based application that is a spy app, Safespy leaves no trail of conduct. You can be at ease and confident about your spying conduct.

How to Hack Someone’s Phone without Physical Access

Why Safespy?

Safespy is a spy application, or what you can call the safest spy application. It allows you to have remote access into someone’s phone. Within a plain 5 minutes, you can hack someone’s phone in entirety. 

But you might be wondering why you must zero down to use Safespy when there are other spy app players as well. Well, Safespy ensures the most neat and discreet spy features. It is devoid of malware and phishing tools. 

It is because of the accuracy of the spy features that the app is most coveted. The application is most sought after because of its stealth mode and ease of connectivity. By virtue of its features, the app has patronage in over 190 countries and counting.

Of the many important functions and features that the app possesses, there are some special ones. Below are some of the most coveted distinguishing features of Safespy:

Secrecy Through Stealth Mode

You can focus entirely on your hacking without worrying about detection. You will never be detected while on the app. While hacking in itself causes all sorts of apprehension, but Safespy is safe through and through. 

There will be no pings, no alerts and no suspicion at all. The stealth mode that Safespy is built in so accurate; there are no risks of detection. Your hacking will be purely secretive with the web based app. There are zero trails. 

Specifying on secrecy, Safespy also ensures the anonymity of its users. The anonymity is retained by only seeking necessary information. Safespy does not engage in unnecessary disclosure of information. With just your email ID, you can get yourself registered at Safespy. 

No Jailbreaking or Rooting

If you have tried other apps, you would know that almost all spy apps require users to jailbreak or root. Safespy does not necessitate any such requirement. You need no interface with the phone you intend to hack.  

Hacking and Other Features

With Safespy, you are able to practically clone the target phone. You can see everything that the user is doing or intended to do. Yes, even the user’s intentions are at display as you can see the keystrokes through keylogger. Below are some cool things you can see from Safespy:

  • See someone’s media exchanges in the form of messages, images, videos shared
  • Checking someone’s messages. Even drafts and deleted messages can be seen through Keylogger
  • Checking someone’s social media, i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.
  • Checking someone’s real time GPS location
  • Seeing someone’s call records, call list, and even browser history

How to Hack Someone’s Phone without Physical Access

How to Hack Someone’s Phone

Having stated what all you can see on someone’s phone, it is important to know how you can view all that. As it turns out, the process is super convenient. Within a fraction of a few minutes, you can register to Safespy and explore someone’s phone. 

Let us understand the procedures of ensuring how to connect Safespy with someone’s phone: 

Step 1: Firstly, as a first time user, you need to register on Safespy’s web based app with your email ID. That is all the information you are required to provide. The registration is more prompt than you can imagine.

How to Hack Someone’s Phone without Physical Access

Step 2: When you register, you will need to choose a monthly plan. You can select the plan that suits you best when you browse through the plans that Safespy has to offer. You can make an informed choice on the plan.   

When you select and pay for the monthly plan, you will receive an email with the setup link for installation. The set up procedure will be quick and the process will be well guided. It will be completed within a few minutes.

Step 3: After this, you need to sign in on the app. It will then seek a target platform from you. If you need to hack an iPhone, you will choose ‘iOS’. If you need to hack into an Android phone, select ‘Android’.

Step 4: When ‘iOS’ is chosen as a target platform, as the next and final step, you need to enter the iCloud Credentials. You will immediately hack into the target iPhone. At no point in time, you will even need to touch the iPhone under question.

How to Hack Someone’s Phone without Physical Access

When ‘Android’ is chosen as the target platform, you need to download the app into the target Android device. This is because of Android’s security and restrictions for direct remote access. 

Resultantly, you can download and immediately hide the app. Safespy has been designed to weigh only 2 MB for this very reason. When downloaded and hidden, the link will be immediate. Therefore, in just a few steps, the connection establishment can be complete. 

How to Hack Someone’s Phone without Physical Access

Whether it is Android or iPhone, Safespy is a safe route for either of the device kind. Regardless of the kind of phone you need to hack, the physical intervention is next to minimum. There is absolute minimization of data and requirements.


Safespy is the most prudent answer to how to hack a phone. The processes, procedures and features of the app are so secure that it makes this app class apart. To use Safespy, even your basic knowledge with technology and spy apps would work.  

So, stop worrying about hacking into someone’s phone. When you use Safespy, you save upon your time, energy and even bandwidth. 


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