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Xiaomi Users Can Detect Heart Rate Through the Phone Camera

Last year the Xiaomi phones released their Health App for all the major Mi devices. Soon after the release, the app got the attention of customers and now it is the main source for health-related factors such as daily steps, heart rate, exercise goals, BMI, and other health scores.

The updated version of the previously released health App now uses the Camera of your phone for monitoring your heartbeat.

The version V2.7.4 of the Mi Health App measures your heart rate just using the camera and nothing else. This means you don’t need any additional software, hardware, or sensors to use.

It is very simple to use the new feature of the Mi health App. According to the XDA-Developers update, you just need to put the index finger on the Camera lens. After putting the figure on the lense, you need to wait for the progress bar. When it gets to 100% then remove it. The app will show you the complete reports by detecting the heart rate with the Camera lens.

After completion of heart rate detection, you then can choose your body’s current status. Like if the test was taken after exercise, in the Resting phase, or in General status. The phone will generate a mini-report citing the heart rate.

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