Social Media Platform X is Blocked in Pakistan From More than 10 Days

Social Media Platform X is Blocked in Pakistan From More than 10 Days

It has been more than 10 days since the microblogging website X (Twitter) was shut down in Pakistan, and its service could not be restored despite five days of court orders.

According to some reliable sources, to stop some political posts, the services of X have been down in the Asian country Pakistan since February 17. During the 10-day blockage, the service was partially restored several times in the past week, but it was shut down again shortly after.

Journalists and human rights leaders had also approached the local law Court against the continued shutdown of X. On February 22, the court ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to restore its service immediately.

The verdict of the court also stated that X should not be shut down again, but the court order could not be followed; so far, X’s service has not been fully restored in the country.

The PTA (organisation responsible for TV and internet law) and the government of Pakistan have yet to issue a clear statement on Twitter’s shutdown as to why its service is down and when these services be restored.

Although there are no official statements from the X in Pakistan some of the users are using it through the virtual private network (VPN).

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