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Uzzu TV Review (2024) for Best Sports Streaming Experience

Uzzu TV Review & Setup Guide for NBA and Sports Streaming

Today’s blog post is going to be on a well-known IPTV service provider, Uzzu TV. This post will be an IPTV review featuring Uzzu TV.  We will be covering in-depth Uzzu TV Streaming, Uzzu TV App, Uzzu TV reviews, and even how it works and whether Uzzu TV is legal or not. 

So basically, this is an unbiased review that aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding without any promotional bias.

Let’s see if this Uzzu TV IPTV service is worth your screen time or not!

Before we get into the nitty gritty of their services, let’s first comprehend who they actually are. 

What’s Uzzu TV IPTV All About?

Uzzu TV is an IPTV service provider based in the States. It gives you lots of channels for your entertainment. It is committed to providing live streaming for a diverse array of sports and sporting events, including popular ones like the NBA, NFL, and NHA. 

Uzzu TV has something for everyone in the family. The interface is sleek and easy to use. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tech expert or just like to watch casually – everyone can use it easily.

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Key Features of Uzzu TV IPTV

Uzzu TV IPTV offers several noteworthy features:

  1. A broad selection of over 100+ live channels spanning various categories.
  2. HD quality and 1080p resolution for all live streams.
  3. Ad-free streaming without annoying pop-up advertisements. It ensures an uninterrupted experience.
  4. You can use one of the compatible IPTV Players. This allows them to watch games on mobile devices, laptops, Firesticks, PCs, Roku, and Xbox.
  5. The streaming platform is powered by Amazon CloudFront, which is a robust CDN.
  6. Lag-free performance, which provides smooth streaming without buffering.
  7. A comprehensive Game Schedule section for upcoming events.
  8. Dedicated apps for various devices, including Android TV, Roku, and Fire TV.

Prices of Uzzu TV

Uzzu TV adopts a subscription-based model, offering three plans to cater to different preferences:

Weekly Plan:

Priced at $6.99/week, this plan ensures a week-to-week commitment with premium features like no lagging, no blackouts, and 24/7 support.

Monthly Plan: 

At $19.99/month, subscribers enjoy a better value for money with a significant discount over the weekly package.

Yearly Plan

For $129.99/year, this option is the most economical for long-term users. However, caution is advised with extended plans due to the unpredictable nature of third-party IPTV services.

Uzzu TV Review pricing plans

Is Uzzu TV IPTV Legal and Safe?

Safety is a top priority, especially when it comes to third-party services. 

Uzzu TV is not unavailable on major app stores such as Amazon App Store and Google Play. All this raises questions about its safety. This can be a red flag. Unauthorized apps can contain malware, viruses, and other unethical content. These applications also have the potential to harm your device or include pirated content.

Safety Tips:

Caution is Key: Exercise caution when installing third-party apps to avoid potential risks such as viruses or malware.

VPN Recommendation: Enhance your privacy and security by using a reputable VPN like ExpressVPN, especially when dealing with third-party services.

How does Uzzu TV work? 

Using Uzzu TV on FireStick is a straightforward process. All you have do is to: 

Uzzu TV connects to the internet and uses streaming tech to bring content to users. To get Uzzu TV, just sign up and download the app on your device. After logging in, you can easily explore the wide range of content and start streaming your favorite shows or movies in no time.

  • Create an app shortcut on the Home screen for easy access.
  • Launch the app and complete the signup process by visiting https://uzzu.tv/member/link.
  • Enter your login credentials and Account code to start enjoying live streams and sporting events.

Uzzu TV Reviews

Many people have shared their thoughts about Uzzu TV. This hopefully gives us a glimpse into what the service is like.

Uzzu TV Reviews on google

So, As checked out Uzzu.TV reviews on Trustpilot, it seems like they have a TrustScore of 3.2 out of 5 based on 860 reviews. A bunch of users seem to be bothered by the constant buffering and lag.

 On Trustindex.io, Uzzu TV has a 3.9 rating, which is considered good and based on 888 reviews. According to Trustindex.io, Uzzu TV is pretty quick to fix any problems that pop up. Some folks mention facing streaming lags, but the good news is that Uzzu TV usually sorts these issues out within a few minutes.

Uzzu.TV has received mixed reviews on different platforms. Potential users must weigh these factors and consider their own preferences and priorities before choosing Uzzu.TV.

Uzzu TV Reviews

Signing Up for Uzzu TV IPTV

Accessing Uzzu TV requires a simple signup process. Follow these steps to kickstart your streaming journey:

Signing Up for Uzzu TV IPTV

  • Visit the official Uzzu TV IPTV site at https://uzzu.tv.
  • Click on “Register Now” at the top of the page.

Signing Up for Uzzu TV IPTV

  • Choose a plan, fill in the form, set a password, and agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Signing Up for Uzzu TV IPTV

  • Enter your payment details and click “Pay” to complete the process.

Signing Up for Uzzu TV IPTV


How many channels are available on Uzzu TV IPTV?

Uzzu TV IPTV offers over 100 live channels, covering a wide range of sports categories, including baseball, basketball, hockey, football, MMA, boxing, and more.

Which devices support Uzzu TV IPTV?

Uzzu TV provides dedicated apps for various devices, ensuring compatibility with FireSticks, Fire TVs, NVIDIA, Roku, Android TVs, and more. Additionally, it supports IPTV Players on different platforms.

Is Uzzu TV IPTV safe and legal?

The safety status of Uzzu TV IPTV is in the gray area due to its third-party nature. While the APK file passed a virus-detection test, the legality of unofficial applications remains uncertain. Users are advised to exercise caution and consider using a reputable VPN for added privacy and security.

Is Uzzu TV compatible with Smart TVs other than Android TVs?

Uzzu TV is compatible with a variety of devices, including Android TVs. However, it’s essential to check for specific compatibility with your Smart TV model, as device support may vary.

Can I use Uzzu TV IPTV on multiple devices simultaneously with a single subscription?

Uzzu TV allows simultaneous streaming on multiple devices with a single subscription, providing flexibility for users who want to enjoy live sports on different screens within the same household.

How frequently are new channels and events added to Uzzu TV?

Uzzu TV is committed to enhancing its channel lineup regularly. New channels and live events are added periodically, ensuring users have access to a diverse range of sports content.

Are there any regional restrictions on Uzzu TV IPTV?

Uzzu TV aims to provide a global sports streaming experience. However, due to licensing agreements, certain content may be subject to regional restrictions. Users are encouraged to check the availability of specific channels in their region.

Does Uzzu TV offer any free trial period for its subscription plans?

Uzzu TV occasionally provides promotional offers, including free trial periods for new users. It’s advisable to check the official website or promotional announcements for any ongoing trial offers.

How does Uzzu TV handle customer support and troubleshooting?

Uzzu TV offers 24/7 customer support to address user queries and troubleshooting needs. Users can reach out through the dedicated support channels provided on the official website.

Can I customize my Uzzu TV channel lineup based on my favorite sports?

Uzzu TV recognizes its users’ diverse preferences. While the basic channel lineup is predetermined, the service may offer customizable packages in the future, allowing users to tailor their channel selection based on specific sports interests.


As we wrap up this Uzzu TV review, one thing is clear—it’s a game-changer for sports enthusiasts. You can get premium sports streaming with Uzzu TV IPTV, making every match a thrilling experience. Remember, our aim is to equip you with information, not to push a particular service. The choice is yours—happy streaming!

Masri serves as the Chief Content Editor at BestKodiTips. With three years of experience, she excels in creating technical content, focusing on how-to guides, Android and Kodi tutorials, app reviews, and addressing common technological challenges. She ensures to stay abreast of the latest tech updates. Outside of work, Masir finds pleasure in reading books, watching documentaries, and engaging in table tennis.

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