WhatsApp to Add Three More Security & Privacy Features

whatsapp privacy features

Whatsapp, a Meta company, has recently released three more features for Android, iOS, and Desktop users. The new features are based on improving the security and privacy of Whatsapp.

The Whatsapp feature, view once, will be implemented in true meanings. Currently, users take screenshots of the view once messages, which will be blocked in the next privacy update.

According to the statement by the founder of Meta, screenshot blocking will be available soon for the view of messages on Whatsapp. Hence, the receiver won’t be able to take a screenshot of the view once feature.

Two more features for all the devices will be available later this month. The first of the upcoming update is for leaving WhatsApp groups without notifying other group members.

The second feature will give you the command to show your online status to selected contacts from your contact list.

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