Whatsapp Latest Security Update, Users Must Update their App

whatsapp latest security update

According to the company, WhatsApp has released a new update for fixing the security flaws in the messaging app. It is a self-identifying update that will identify flaws in the fix and will fix automatically.

According to the company, there were some security flaws discovered in the app which have been fixed in the latest security update.

After releasing the security update, Whatsapp wants all its users to get the new update from Google Play Store or App Store as soon as possible so that they don’t face any kind of problem.

According to the statement, Whatsapp will get updated automatically, however, if not, then users must do it from the concerned app store.

Earlier, there were rumors that hackers might be able to inject malware, spyware, or similar spying software into any user’s smartphone. Now after the latest update, the security thread has vanished.

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