How to Watch Amazon Prime with a VPN from Anywhere

How to Watch Amazon Prime with a VPN from Anywhere

In the modern era of technology, where data is generating worldwide, people are becoming concerned about their online privacy on the internet. It is a fact that someone is constantly watching our online activities and habits to understand what we like to do—most of the big giants of technology track our footprints to grow their businesses by collecting more data. Marketing and Ad companies are using the data of internet users to tailor their efforts to what we supposedly want to buy. 

It is an illegal act to access and collect someone’s information with his/her consent. However, there are darker reasons behind accessing someone’s data. The most obvious one is accessing someone data, like hacking into bank accounts or company vaults. Naturally, the concerned authorities are always trying to find solutions for such hacking tactics, but it is an impossible thing with the advancement of technology. Technology is evolving, and so is the behaviour and data-stealing methods of stealers.

Today, decentralized Virtual Private Network (VPN) service providers are becoming famous for data privacy. This is because best VPN service provides greater security in the form of a secure tunnel. They can give you free access to change the location of Amazon Prime video and watch the USA’s content from the UK or anywhere else. Similarly, there are some best VPNs for Kodi by which you can use this streaming platform to its fullest. 

Why Would You Want to Change Location on Kodi or Amazon Prime?

It is a fact that some countries have very high censorship and internet control policies. Interestingly, most of the 30% of online users who have a VPN are in Asian countries. This is a part of the world where internet freedom, as measured by the Freedom House Index, is shallow. 

This impacts what programs people can watch on online platforms like Amazon Prime, Kodi or Netflix, and what information they can access and share with others. Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, were therefore created so that you can watch and read whatever you want to and from wherever you want to. 

According to a study conducted by PriceWaterhouse Cooper consultants, 500 million people could be brought out of poverty by giving them access to the internet. Thanks to this powerful tool, people can make decisions more efficiently and control their lives. 

They can find online jobs and access training they could never have previously been able to go to physically. Therefore, why is the internet still so controlled?

VPN and dVPN Service Providers

Luckily, many service providers such as VPN and other security tools today focus on making the internet equally accessible to all of us. Whether you choose one of the more traditional VPN service providers or opt for a decentralized VPN or dVPN, you’ll be able to access information more readily. Moreover, you’ll be secure and private, and, most exciting, you’ll be able to change the Netflix region easily. 

If you look at the trends, some VPN providers are tended towards video sharing platforms such as Kodi, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. On the other hand, others might be more focused on the end user’s security and safety. Those who tended towards the streaming shows online tend to have years of experience bypassing, for example, the sophisticated Amazon Prime detection systems. However, if you want to increase your security level, decentralized VPNs are most likely better for you.

The Mechanics of How to Change Amazon Prime or Kodi Region

The process of changing the geo-location is not a hard rule. All you need to download your favorite VPN and start signing in to it. Once done, go to the settings and select the country you want to open the service from. Then, when you next log into your media platform, the location will automatically change for you.

Now here’s the part where you can be clever. Different countries offer different content for Amazon Prime, and some have a more extensive list of shows than others. As you’d expect, the US has the widest choice of shows. In contrast, countries like Australia and Japan have a portfolio that’s 30% the size of the US one. Then again, Mexico, for example, has 50% of what the US offers. This means content for each country will be indifferent form and a different size.

All those countries also have shows made specifically for their target audience. This means a show which is filmed only for the Canadian audience can be accessed only in that particular region. But if you are a fan of Japanese shows or want to access UK content, then the best option is to go for the location change. Changing the location with a secure VPN is the best option in the modern era of privacy leakage. 

Recommendations for Watching Kodi with a VPN

The complete process and mechanics of changing the region on Kodi are accessible regardless of which VPN service provider you choose. But it would help if you were careful while choosing the VPN from online marketplaces. It would help if you were careful to select one with a history of good performance for bypassing the regional restrictions. Alternatively, you can choose a decentralized VPN that uses blockchain technology. 

There are also many other advantages of the dVPN. With the help of a dVPN, you can access the internet more securely than any other technology. With the use of dVPN and VPN, you can therefore be sure that your data is private. There’s a reason this relatively recent peer-to-peer approach is on its way to taking over the VPN world. Even VPN service providers aren’t exempt from abusing their power over your data. 

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