Twitter to Remove Block Feature from its Platform Except for DMs

Elon Musk Twitter AI
Elon Musk Twitter AI

Soon after buying Twitter for USD 44 billion, Elon Musk surprised the world with his bold decisions. He dictates Twitter, also known as “X”, and removes the unwanted features he disagrees with.

In the latest move, he removes the block features from the micro-blogging platform. Now, you will not block any annoying person from the forum but you can only do this for direct messages.

The owner of Twitter hints at removing this feature and citing it as it “makes no sense” to block someone. Musk wants Twitter users to mute unwanted accounts instead of stopping them.

This new feature is also against the privacy policy of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The block feature of Twitter was the most important part and was like a shield for Twitter accounts.

It was one of the fundamental features of privacy protection on X.

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