Twitter delays API changes again, this time ‘by a few more days

Twitter delays API changes
Twitter delays API changes

The corporation had intended to terminate free access on February 9th.

When Twitter initially announced that it would be closing down its free APIs, it said that access will be terminated on February 9th.

Elon Musk hasn`t stated much about how paid access to Twitter’s APIs would function, save that the business will charge $100 per month and use “ID verification” to restrict bot abuse.

The business also stated that it intends to provide a free access tier that would allow “excellent” bots to tweet up to 1,500 times per month.

In a recent interview with Time, data scientists and rescue workers say Elon Musk’s cost-cutting initiatives, including repeated waves of layoffs since taking over the firm in October, had hindered their progress.

“If the API goes down, the flow of data will cease, and people will have to rely only on slower modes of coordinating for rescue operations,” Sedat Kapanoglu, one of the project’s software programmers, told Time.

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