CEO Tim Cook Inaugurates First Apple Store in Mumbai India

CEO Tim Cook Inaugurates First Apple Store in Mumbai India

The world-famous and leading mobile manufacturer Apple Inc. opened its first retail store in Mumbai, India. The first store of the iPhone company inaugurated by the company’s chief executive officer Tim Cook.

According to news agencies, more than 300 hundred people from different areas of the country were present at the historic moment for the country. Apple plans to open a second store soon in Dehli city of India.

This new addition to India’s tech hub will improve many people’s lifestyles and create new jobs for technology experts. Although Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Mac, were available online, there was no physical store in the country.

There were some issues in the past for Apple to open a physical store in India. Authorities of other neighboring countries should learn some lessons from the first-ever Apple store in India. Other countries should change their policies to attract big technology names to their countries and facilitate the countrymen.

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