3 Important Themes of American Culture that Influence our Schools

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Although American culture is built on constant change, there are some national issues that remain acute for decades. They can be grouped into key themes: Protestant ideology, freedom, and equality. It’s important to note that they significantly influence educational institutions and the community as a whole. Before considering these themes in more detail, let’s first have a closer look at the US school system. 

The key themes in modern American culture 


Sociologists say that the core values of Americans are historically based on a few main concepts, which are Protestantism, republicanism, and capitalism. According to historians, the influence of Protestant ideology can be dated back to the first half of the 19th century when it was evident in different school activities, like Bible reading or prayer.

At that time, schools served as an effective vehicle for Americanization, so immigrants could be assimilated into the prevailed culture. In fact, institutions were commonly used to guide the moral principles and attitudes of American culture to children. Schools used to be a tool with the help of which immigrant students learned traditions, customs, language, and beliefs, becoming involved in American culture. Even today, Protestant ideas have a certain impact on institutions across the United States. 


One of the things that remain constant in American history is people’s passion for freedom, even if it involves some high-stakes risks. Generally, freedom is manifested in many different aspects, such as political, religious, and economic. However, personal freedom stems mainly from the idea of being free of government restrictions as well as being able to live in security, lead a life full of dignity, and make autonomous decisions. 

In fact, personal freedom is a vital component of American constitutional democracy, which is also deeply embedded in American society. Nowadays, the pursuit for autonomy is an integral part of culture reflected in many US schools. 

American education in popular essays

A lot of books and articles have been written about US education. Its philosophy is also reflected in numerous essays and academic publications. Generally, they all state that everybody, including teachers, school staff, students, parents, and other community members must have a voice in education policy and practice. They also highlight the importance of building a welcoming and inclusive environment at institutions, which makes everybody feel that they are respected and valued. What’s more, according to a popular research paper maker, the US government works towards decreasing segregation and inequality among schools. Also, writers often emphasize the importance of educating everyone so they can develop their potential to the fullest.


Although political and social equality are pursued by American society, they are so hard to achieve in reality. Even in today’s highly developed world, there are some inequities among different groups. To diminish them, some necessary legislative actions have been taken at the federal level. One of them is the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920, which provided women with the right to vote and apply for administrative jobs. Another step is signing the National Voting Rights Act of 1965 that prohibited discrimination of the African Americans’ right to vote. 

Even now, social equality, meaning that all community groups have the same status, remains one of the most elusive goals in the US culture. It’s still hard for the government to apply the law regardless of the individual’s identity or status as well as to provide equal access to resources such as education, health care, etc. Unfortunately, all citizens also can’t have equal opportunities to work, which results in the creation of a privileged class.

Despite the fact that US laws promote social equality, access to resources is very differentiated between individuals. However, millions of people still pursue the American dream embedded in their culture. They want to reach great financial success and high social status partially because these values are actively promoted at schools. 

Final thoughts 

There are so many great national ideas that form American culture. Some of them are mentioned in this article, namely Protestant ideology, passion for freedom, and strive for social quality. Each of these concepts inevitably affects education given at schools. While Protestantism encourages hard work and personal efficiency, democracy fights for freedom and independence and the intentions of social equality promote non-judgemental attitudes. All of these ideas are truly positive, so putting them into practice through the schooling system can significantly benefit American society. 

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