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If you are looking for information about what study techniques are and how to implement them, we will tell you in this post. 

First of all, if you are a university student who is often faced with writing various academic papers and needs essay assistance, this article will be essential for you no matter what career you are studying. You will be able to study efficiently and do all your written work at the same time.

Study techniques are tools that facilitate the study process. They apply to all levels of learning: elementary schools, high schools, and universities. 

What are study skills?

Study skills are ultimately beneficial strategies to enhance learning. However, it won’t work if you are expecting to learn while watching your favorite TV show. Study skills are simple techniques, not magic tricks or miracle charms. 

On the other hand, not all study techniques are the same, nor are they practical for everyone equally. So if you are beginning your search for a method to implement, you may have to make several attempts. Don’t be discouraged. At the end of the process, you will find a strategic tool that will allow you to deal with your study time in the best way. 

You mustn’t compare your study method with another classmate’s, for example. Since learning processes are unique and everyone gets different results. Some people type buy assignments online and wait for their work to be done.

By now, you have probably already discovered that studying by heart does not work and that its results are even counterproductive, since often, if you forget a word, you forget everything you learned. But don’t worry because there are many fun, dynamic, and efficient study techniques to implement in your studies. 

Below we are going to tell you about the most crucial study techniques.

6 study techniques to boost your learning

1. Underline what is important

This study technique is possibly one of the most used by most students of all levels. To implement this strategy, you must first read the entire text and understand it. Once understood, the most significant parts are highlighted using, for example, colored markers. 

2. Write, write, write

An excellent habit to strengthen learning is to make notes. This study technique also requires prior reading and understanding of the text to extract the essential parts and transfer them to our messages. The fundamental of this strategy is to write down the keywords of the text we are studying. You can do it in an “analogical” way, i.e., writing by hand, or you can use some digital programs that perform the same function.

3. Mnemonic rules

Although we said before that studying by heart is out of fashion, there are exceptions. There are cases in which it is necessary to memorize difficult words or historical dates. An example where we can implement this study technique would be learning the periodic table elements. There are several ways in which mnemonic rules can be created: rhyming, free associations, acronyms, making up stories. 

Other study techniques you can implement

4. Solving case studies

This study technique is ideal for learning practical, theoretical concepts that are difficult for us to learn. It is usually applied to fields of study related to statistics, physics, mathematics, economics, and those that pose problems and numbers.

5. Brainstorming

Or better known as brainstorming, it is an agile and dynamic technique when it comes to teamwork. This methodology allows to deepen topics or resolve doubts about a concept. We recommend you implement brainstorming with your study group when they are preparing for an exam. 

6. Image-based methods

This study technique consists of capturing specific ideas or concepts graphically or visually. Thus, while studying a theory, you can associate it with a drawing. In this way, it is possible to memorize through the images that will lead us to the idea they express about the subject. 

It is one of the most used study techniques since many students find making this kind of association easy. 

Finally, we can also use organization and planning as study techniques. Understanding that good planning and the correct management of our time greatly enhances our learning. 

There are many ways of organization:

  • Create a task calendar and plan your time based on your goals. 
  • Use task management applications for cell phones, which can be linked to Google Calendar. 
  • Organize your time in stages and create alarms to meet your daily goals. 

Now you are probably thinking about which study technique you will implement when you sit down to study and write term papers, essays, and other types of work. Remember that these tools will not do all the work for you, so we must be aware of how we use them to improve our performance.

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