Shopify Partnerships with Solana Pay for Crypto & USDC Payments

Shopify Partnerships with Solana Pay for Crypto & USDC Payments

Solana Labs, the Web3 Infrastructure for Everyone, has partnered with a famous eCommerce platform – Shopify. Solana Pay will work as a payment method for eCommerce against Shopify.

Currently, only USDC payments will be accepted through Solana Pay, the decentralized payment protocol. However, the company has indicated that they will add more crypto assets to the payment gateway.

Based on the press release data, Solana Pay will eliminate the extra bank fees and chargebacks, and the new payment gateway will handle USD payments more advanced.

Millions of businesses using Shopify as their eCommerce platform will take advantage of Solana Pay, and eventually, they will grow their businesses in no time.

Solana Pay is an open-source payment protocol and is based on blockchain. Initially, there were some drawbacks and disruptions, but now they have completed the QUIC TPU to manage heavy traffic.

Due to these changes, Solana Pay has provided uninterrupted service and 100% uptime for the last half year without downtime.

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