Now you Can Show More Ads with WhatsApp Business on Facebook & Instagram

Ads with WhatsApp Business on Facebook & Instagram

Good news for small business owners who run separate ads on Facebook and WhatsApp. Now you don’t need an account to run Facebook ads, but you can handle all Meta platforms with the WhatsApp Business ads management option.

WhatsApp Business is a popular platform among small business owners. It allows end users to get many customers by spending a small amount on ads.

To make it easier for small businesses and organizations, Meta is dropping the requirements of a Facebook account to run ads across the Meta platforms.

This new feature will allow WhatsApp business account holders to run ads on Facebook and Instagram whether that e have an account or not on Facebook. According to the Meta announcement, all you need is an email address and payment method to start running ads on cross-platforms of Meta.

The best thing about this new feature is that you can create, manage and run ads from the WhatsApp business app without leaving it. These ads will drag customers to your WhatsApp business account from Facebook and Instagram.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is also working on a new feature that will help its users to send personalized messages to their users.

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