A Ransomware Group Claims to Have Breached Sony Systems Data

A Ransomware Group Claims to Have Breached Sony Systems Data

A ransomware attack group, Ransomed, claims that they have breached the security of Sony Group systems and stolen all the data from the Japanese gaming company.

Till now, the claims by Ransomed still need to be verified. According to Ransomed, Sony has already started the investigation after the group claims of breaching the gaming company’s data systems.

Ransomed.VC claims, “We have successfully compromised all of the Sony systems.” The group made these claims on dark nets and the clear net.

Furthermore, the group announced that they won’t ransom them but will sell the data. The Ransomed group has screenshots of the hacked data as proof of the breach, the internal PowerPoint presentation, and many Java files.

Additionally, the group threatened to post the data on September 28 if no buyer was found. Sony issued a counter-statement regarding the attack. “We are currently investigating the situation and have no further comment.”

Sony systems have been breached before. In 2011, the personal data of more than 77 million users was compromised, and the Sony services were down for 23 days.

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