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How a Poster Maker Can Benefit Your Event Planning Business

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Printing a poster for your event is a great way to attract attendees and make a good first impression. Whether you’re hosting an event at work, inviting friends out for a happy hour, or organizing a dinner party, you need the perfect invite to get people excited about going.

One of the best ways to do that is through a professional poster maker app. When you use a reputable company like Venngage, you can give your guests the details about where and when they should arrive while making sure everyone knows who was responsible for putting it all together.

Here are some tips on how using printed posters can help benefit your event planning business:

#1 Attract High-Quality Attendees First impressions matter!

If your invitation looks mediocre or sloppy, people will expect the event to be of a similar level.

Event planners know that no matter what, you need the right amount of attendees to make an event truly spectacular and not everyone is going to see how amazing your party is when they only see an unprofessional print job before attending. Professional poster printing services can provide eye-catching designs that will attract high-quality guests.

#2 A Digital Poster Maker Properly Communicates Your Goals 

One of the biggest benefits when using printed posters is that it’s easy for people to quickly identify important information about the event at first glance.

It’s important to communicate who you are by including logos, colors or other assets on your poster design so people know they’re looking at something from your company. Make sure your poster is designed to highlight the event’s time, location, and other important details.

#3 A Custom Poster Maker Let People Know Who Organized It

Your event poster should always include the name of the person or people who organized it. Whether you simply write your name or recommend one of your business’s services, including this information on an event invitation is a great way to build awareness for your brand.

If you’re hosting an event with co-organizers, make sure they are included in the design and that their names are displayed prominently alongside yours.

#4 Highlight Highlights Make it obvious!

People who attend an event will often check their mobile phones to see what others are saying about the party. Including hashtags like #happyhour or #socialclub is a simple way to encourage guests to promote their experience and contribute to the conversation on social media.

#5 Include Event Details Make sure they know what’s happening!

When you’ve got a lot going on at an event, it’s easy for people to feel overwhelmed if there is too much information on your poster design. Including just a few important details is often all that most guests need to decide whether or not to go. Communicate the start time, end time and other details that are relevant.

#6 Prepare for High Traffic (Use a Poster Making Website!)

Whether you have a lot of guests or you’re expecting them to travel to get to your party, you need a poster design that can handle it. Many event planners today use bleed printing so they can include important information outside the standard print area so even if there’s some natural shift in their posters, everything will still be legible.

#7 Use the Right Paper Using Apps For Poster Making

One of the most important things to consider when choosing an event poster printing service is how much weight your invitations can handle. If you’re planning something big, you might want to invest in posters that are designed for heavy-duty use. This way if there are any problems with your design or you accidentally spill something, your guests will still be able to read what’s on the print job.

#8 Keep It Lighthearted Never forget humor!

Humor is a great way to break up text on an event poster and make the print job more interesting. You don’t want people to feel like they’re drowning in information but including some fun graphics or jokes is always a good idea when creating printed invitations for events. This type of creative touch will encourage guests to share their experience on social media and spread word-of-mouth about how amazing your party was.

#9 Be Consistent Make it look professional!

When you’re creating a marketing campaign that includes more than one piece of printed collateral, it’s important to maintain a consistent theme. This will help your guests feel like they’re attending the same party even if some invitations are being handed out in person or sent via email.

You can coordinate everything from paper stock to color schemes so your event poster design looks polished and finished.

What’s the one thing all great event posters have in common? They include tips on how people can take part! Whether you simply note how people can RSVP online or encourage them to download an app, directing guests toward social media is essential for keeping everyone involved before, during, and after the event.


There are a lot of great things about printed posters and the benefits of poster and flyer maker apps like Venngage. So what are you waiting for? Start making your very own designs now.

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