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We use different types of tools and gadgets in our daily routine life for different purposes. For example, an audio-visual system is the best example of modern technology which we use to get the best quality audio and video results. Audio-visual equipment includes home video and home audio equipment, such as televisions, video recorders, radios, repeaters, and other products.  People collect sound and video through this system to achieve the purpose of obtaining sound or picture and sound and picture synchronization. Therefore, the system is extremely useful.

The intelligent audio-visual system is based on the three advanced technologies of integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, and computer technology. Although there are different types of audio-visual equipment available in the market here we will discuss S81 pro. It is the first SKYWORTH’s Crystal Sound OLED TV equipped with OLED basic modules.  With high-quality sound and video, the S81 pro can improve your gaming experience efficiently.  The following are some main features of S81 pro, which you must know.

Best for gaming

As the first Skyworth TV SKYWORTH GAMING GADGETS, S81 Pro supports VRR variable refresh rate throughout the whole process, allowing players to completely say goodbye to the stuttering and tearing of the game screen. This is the best option to improve the gaming experience these days. Through the full support of 4K 120Hz games, with the 240Hz CMO function and the natural fast response of OLED, and the blessing of HDMI2.1 automatic low-latency mode, the game experience is smoother, with almost no delay. The interconnection with multi-party agreements allows S81 Pro to realize full-scene mobile phone projection games and large-screen games at any time. This is the best option if you want to improve your gaming experience. This gadget provides an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience.

Best for movies and videos

This gadget can decode 4k 120FPS video into 120FPS with low frame rates and good results.  This tool provides consistency between the frame rate and screen refresh rate via Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation. You can convert different videos into different formats accordingly via this gadget.  So, if you watch old movies or new ones, just use this gadget to have an extremely smooth visual experience.

Super picture quality

This gadget is the best example of modern technology of this era. This tool is equipped with SKYWORTH’s SOBiF non-after image technology. You can control the light and color of different videos according to your requirements. You can control brightness with OSD brightness control technology. There are also JB Function, Overscan Pixels Displacement, TCP static image Brightness adjustment, and many more functions to control picture quality. With a 4k image processing engine, you can upgrade your favorite videos and pictures efficiently.

Supreme sound experience

Sound plays an important role while playing games or watching movies. S81 Pro is equipped with the high-quality Delby Atmos Speaker System 2.0.2. Both speakers with crystal sound OLED create beautiful sound and provide a supreme sound experience. SKYWORTH is using the audio equipment of JBL’s products with many good features. Furthermore, it also supports external speakers like a wireless subwoofer. You can adjust bass, treble, sound quality, sound types, and other sound options.

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