PlayStation Plus Subscribers Refused to download New Free Games

PlayStation Plus Subscribers Refused to download New Free Games

After the drama of PlayStation Plus, the subscribers have refused to download the free batch of games for September 23. Although Sony has made some significant decisions to attract customers, their customers are still angry after the drama.

If you are unaware of the background story, here it is for you. Last week, Microsoft and Bethesda were all ready to drop Startfield, and they attracted thousands of new subscribers to Xbox Game Pass; in the process, Sony decreased as one of the worst months of free games, and for an encore, they increased the prices of all tiers.

Now, the PlayStation Plus free games for September 2023 are available for customers, but people are not thrilled and don’t want to even look at the free collection of these games.

The three games that are available free for PlayStation Plus users are Saints Row, Black Desert – Traveler Edition, and Generation Zero. Any of the end users welcome none of these games.

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