Pixel 7a rumors show similar design, big tech upgrades

Pixel 7a similar design
Pixel 7a similar design

This phone is worth keeping an eye on thanks to its 90 Hz display, wireless charging, and modern cameras.

The Pixel 7a’s design does not appear to be full of surprises.

These representations are normally based on CAD information sent to accessory makers, so the proportions and forms are usually correct, but the colors and materials are up to interpretation.

The new sensors would be a significant camera improvement.

The Pixel 6a’s primary camera is now the venerable Sony IMX363, a sensor that Google has used (with one minor modification) since the Pixel 2.

All of this may sound like a lot for the 6a’s current $449 price, but the Pixel 7 was recently delivered in India, and if Google wants to compete there, this isn’t good enough.

In the United States, though, this phone at Pixel 6a price would be a steal.

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