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Oppo Launches AndesGPT to Compete with Samsung Gauss

Oppo Launches AndesGPT to Compete with Samsung Gauss

In the era of artificial intelligence and generative AI chatbots, every smart gadget maker is testing the modern technology of AI. After the launch of ChatGPT, various companies have already launched their competitors, and Oppo is the latest on the list.

To compete with Samsung’s Gauss AI and ChatGPT of  OpenAI, Oppo has announced the launch of AndesGPT, and consumers will see this change in the company’s upcoming flagship, Oppo Find X series.

Find X Linupe, which is expected to launch in January 2024. There will be three different models of Oppo’s AndesGPT, with 7 billion other parameters. The AndesGPT models will be Tiny, Turbo, and Titan AI.

Tiny will be less potent, while Titan will be the most capable and powerful AI model. According to a company update, Tiny will have 7 billion parameters for AI, while Turbu and Titan will have 70 billion and 180 billion parameters, respectively.

Tiny has its benefits as it will be lightweight and run on devices like smartphones. At the same time, the other two models are designed to handle complex AI tasks and are intended for deep reasoning.

The Oppo’s AI models will be able to take multiple inputs and work on various data niches such as text, voice, photos, and documents. AndesGPT response time will be faster than Samsung and OpenAI models.

Although Oppo is releasing its first AI model, the next flagship will only have some features. Find X7, which will be limited to a few features only.

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