Nokia and Vivo Sign Patent Cross-License Agreement

Nokia and Vivo Sign Patent Cross-License Agreement
Big news in the tech world! Nokia and Vivo just made a deal. Nokia, a Finnish company, and Vivo, a Chinese company, have agreed to share their patents for several years. Vivo will pay Nokia for using its technology, including some extra payments for past disputes.
This agreement settles all their legal fights. The details of the deal are secret. This deal means Vivo can start selling its phones in Europe again after being banned because of the lawsuit.
According to Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies,
We are delighted to have reached an agreement with vivo, which reflects mutual respect for each other’s intellectual property rights. vivo is one of the leading players in the global smartphone industry. We look forward to bringing more innovation to their users around the world through our collaboration. By concluding the licensing agreement with vivo, it demonstrates Nokia’s significant contribution to key technologies in smartphone industry and it will provide long-term stability to our licensing business for years to come.

Xianwen Xu, Head of Legal Affairs at vivo, mentioned:

vivo has dedicated significant resources to R&D in the field of 5G technology and established a comprehensive IP portfolio globally, creating an industry-leading patent portfolio. Up to now, vivo has successfully filed over 6,000 families of 5G standard-essential patents. We are pleased to have reached a global cross-license agreement with Nokia. Signing the agreement reflects the mutual recognition and respect for each other’s patent value in cellular technology, and also plays a significant role in fostering a positive development environment within the industry. vivo consistently places a high value on building and accumulating intellectual property. We are dedicated to investing in R&D of smart devices and intelligent services, providing extraordinary hi-tech products and services for users worldwide.
Nokia and OPPO resolved their disagreement by signing a multi-year 5G IP deal last month. This marks Nokia’s sixth significant smartphone agreement in the past year.
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