New Google Maps Feature Makes Finding Building Entrances Easier

New Google Maps Feature Makes Finding Building Entrances Easier

Google Maps users rejoice! A handy new feature is in the works that could save you time and frustration when trying to locate the entrance to a building.

Recently spotted by Android Police, Google seems to be testing a feature that displays the entrances of buildings within the Maps app. This could be a game-changer for navigating complex structures like hotels, stores, and offices.

Here’s how it works: Once you’re adequately zoomed in and have selected a building, entrance locations pop up as either a white circle with an entry icon or a simple green arrow. This makes it clear where to enter or exit, helping users avoid confusion and wasted time.

Google Maps Entrances app

However, this feature is still in its early stages and is only available to select users. Some testing has shown that the entrance locations might not always be spot on, indicating that Google is still fine-tuning the system.

While it’s uncertain when this feature will be widely available, it’s certainly a promising development for Google Maps users. Keep an eye out for updates, as this could make your next journey a lot smoother.

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