Google updates ‘Nearby Share,’ the Apple Airdrop rival, as well as five other Android updates

google nearby share
google nearby share

Google unveiled a slew of new Android features on Thursday, including an upgrade to a self-share option that works similarly to competitor Apple’s AirDrop and allows users to transmit files across its ecosystem of phones, tablets, and Chromebooks.

The numerous enhancements, ranging from the self-share function and redesigned widgets to sound warnings, voice explanations for Google TV, and live-sharing on Google Meet, are all intended to improve Android users’ efficiency, communication, accessibility, and pleasure.

Nearby Share’s new self-share option is perhaps the most anticipated of the group. When Nearby Exchange, Apple’s counterpart to AirDrop, was launched, users could only share files between their own devices provided they allowed the transfer before it began the sharing process.

With the latest version, the self-share function eliminates the extra step and files instantly transfer across devices with a single tap, eliminating the need for users to manually confirm the transfer process.

Google stated in an official blog post that the self-sharing functionality will be available in the coming weeks. The Google Drive widget has been updated, with three new home screen buttons for easy access to Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. The user may rapidly add emojis by typing a text and clicking the “Emojify” button.

Wear OS, Google’s smartwatch operating system now has the ability to add a Bitmoji to the watch face as well as customized Keep tiles for taking notes on the move.

With the inclusion of additional accessibility technologies, individuals with hearing loss may now receive warnings on their phones when crucial sounds such as fire alarms, running water, oven timers, and door knocks are identified.

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