How to Monitor Your Child’s Cell Phone without Touching It

How to Monitor Your Child’s Cell Phone without Touching It

Hello, digital parents? You recently bought a cell phone for your kids so that they can reach you easily. It’s very convenient while they are in trouble. On the other hand, you never know when your child gets into trouble until the weird call comes in.


If your kid is not up to something fishy, they are on those phones doing all manner of things. Not much is constructive. That is why you need a way to monitor that cell phone without touching it. Why? You want to know what they are doing without alerting them.

Introducing the idea of monitoring the phone is not very welcoming. That is why we are going to shed light on an app that will watch the phone without touching it.

Part 1: Monitor Your Child’s Cell Phone with Spyic Solution

You want to see what the kid is doing on the phone while you are away. Next, you don’t want to alert them that you have a silent helicopter watching the surroundings. Spyic can help you with that.

This is a monitoring solution that has already helped millions of other parents across the globe, just like you. It uses an online account to monitor the child’s phone activities. That means you will not be going for the phone every time you want to see it.


Next, it has the stealth mode feature in it to enable hiding. So, after setting it up, your child will not know about it. It will monitor the phone and deliver all the data to you while acting as if it was never there.

When it comes to what you can see, well, that’s a lot. We will cover that in the next section. What you need to know is that you will see more than what you need in both Android and iOS.

The best part is that a cell phone spy app like Spyic does not need rooting or jailbreaking. It has the cutting edge technologies that don’t need tampering with the phone’s OS to monitor it.  

So, after setting it up, your child will not wonder what mommy or daddy did with the phone. Everything will be smooth as before. If your kid has an iPhone, you only need to verify their iCloud ID after registering your Spyic account online.

That means you will start monitoring the iPhone/iPad without touching it. In Android, Spyic needs a one-time installation on the targeted phone. Since it not possible to install something remotely with Android, that’s why.

After that, you only need your online account to start and continue monitoring. Now, here are the features you will see on the online dashboard.

Part 2: Spyic Child Monitoring Features

  • All the saved contacts
  • Call log information
  • Real-time location
  • All sent and received messages and iMessages
  • All the saved photos, videos and audio files
  • Social media activities from every platform used
  • Browsing history
  • Calendar information
  • SIM Card details and location

Keylogger information: Use this feature to see everything typed on the phone. That includes usernames and passwords to various accounts.

The dashboard shows all this to you and more. It has a user-friendly design, and it’s also compatible with all browsers. That means you can use any device to check on the updates as long as you have an internet connection.

Whatever you see on the dashboard is only shown to you via your account. Spyic’s cloud does not share the phone’s data with anyone, including the management team. The cloud also does not store the data. It only serves as a way to relay the information to you.

Part 3: How to Start Monitoring Your Child’s Phone Using Spyic Solution


  • For iOS monitoring, you need the child’s iCloud login details. The iPhone/iPad should have iOS version 7.0 or above.
  • For Android, you need to install Spyic once on the kid’s phone. It works with OS version 4.0 or later
  • Reliable internet connection
  • A valid email address

Steps to Start Monitoring

Step 1: Go to the Spyic website and register an account with your email address and a password. Next, choose your child’s phone OS to see the available plans.


Step 2: Select the best plan for monitoring your kids and proceed to purchase. You will immediately receive a confirmation email with the receipt, log in details and setup guidelines. In Android, you will also get a download link.

Step 3: For Android, use the sent link to install Spyic on the child’s phone. Make sure you activate the stealth mode operation by selecting the ‘Hide Application’ option. After that, finish up the installation and login to your account remotely.


Step 4: For iOS, after the confirmation email, login to your account and verify the kid’s iCloud credentials. Next, select the device your child is using and wait for the Spyic and iCloud syncing.

Step 5: After the synchronization in both phone platforms, you will see the dashboard. It will have all the features we have highlighted above and more on the left menu.


Click on each of the elements to monitor your child’s phone activities.

Part 4: Why Should You Trust Spyic to Monitor Your Child’s Cell Phone?

Well, apart from the ability to monitor the phone without touching it, there are other benefits too. They involve the following:

  • Quick setup that does not take more than 5 minutes
  • No root or jailbreak required for Android and iOS phones respectively
  • Real-time updates wherever you go
  • Stealth/Hidden mode operation
  • Spyic does not drain the battery. In Android, it consumes less than 2MB memory space. In iOS, it uses the iCloud
  • Remote uninstallation via the online control panel
  • Budget-friendly prices for an app that can even monitor multiple devices


It’s not easy to introduce the idea of tracking your kid’s phone. Spyic, on the other hand, shows you that you can do it discreetly. If your child is a dramatic one, then they will never know unless you tell them.

The best part is that it will not ruin your child’s phone by demanding a root or jailbreak. So, you will be monitoring the kid every other day as if nothing happened on their phone.

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