Microsoft will turn your Android Phone into a Wireless Webcam on Windows 11

Microsoft will turn your Android phone into a wireless webcam on Windows 11

Microsoft has recently introduced an exciting feature for Windows 11 users that allows them to use their Android smartphones as wireless webcams. This new functionality is currently being rolled out to Windows Insiders across all Insider Channels. By using this feature, users can eliminate the need for additional equipment and enjoy enhanced flexibility during video calls and chats.

Users can now leverage the camera capabilities of their Android devices seamlessly on their Windows PCs through the Phone Link and Link to Windows apps. With this integration, individuals can enjoy high-quality video streaming and switch between front and back cameras effortlessly. Moreover, the setup process is simple, requiring only an Android device running Android 9.0 or later and equipped with version 1.24012 or higher of the Link to Windows app.

To activate this feature, users need to go to Settings, then select Bluetooth & devices, and choose Mobile devices on their Windows 11 PC. From there, they can manage their connected devices and enable the option to use their Android phone as a connected camera. The PC will install a Cross-Device Experience Host update automatically to facilitate this experience.

This innovative capability opens up new possibilities for individuals working from home or communicating with teams, offering a convenient solution for those without built-in webcams on their desktops or seeking an alternative to traditional cameras. As Microsoft continues to enhance Windows 11 with updates like this, users can look forward to an improved and more seamless computing experience.

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