Microsoft Edge is Bringing Its AI Image Creator to Everyone Soon

Microsoft Edge AI Image Creator
Microsoft Edge AI Image Creator

Microsoft has announced that it will make its AI-powered image generator, which is based on DALL-E, available to Edge users globally via desktop.

Once released, the “Image Creator” will be located in Edge’s sidebar, and the process of using it will be simple: users will enter their desired search terms, and Bing will generate several images based on the query, which can be downloaded and used as needed.

According to Microsoft, users will need to manually add the feature to their sidebar before they can use it. They can accomplish this by launching the sidebar, selecting the “+” icon, and then turning on the Image Creator option.

Additionally, Microsoft is introducing new features to Edge, such as the Drop tool, which allows users to send files and other content to themselves, as well as a personal notebook that syncs across devices.

Microsoft has also included a “Browser Essentials” feature, which is a button that users can press to have Edge confirm its efficiency and malware-scanning capabilities (although this feature is currently only available on early-access builds).

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