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Meta’s Next Project is Open Source Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Meta's next project is open source artificial general intelligence

With a long-term vision of widespread accessibility and responsible deployment, Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, unveiled plans to develop and open-source its artificial general intelligence (AGI), aiming for advancements across various AI applications and emphasizing the need for full general intelligence to enhance services for chatbots, creators, and businesses.


In a video published on Meta’s Instagram account, Zuckerberg announced that the changes made to their platform will help achieve their long-term objectives of developing general intelligence, responsibly open-sourcing it, and making it available and beneficial to everyone in their daily lives. Furthermore, he added that this move will establish Meta as a leader in the competitive generative AI market for businesses and initiatives.

This news comes after Meta’s chief scientist, Yann LeCun, expressed his skepticism in December about the imminent arrival of AI superintelligence. LeCun, a French computer scientist, believes that current AI systems are still decades away from achieving any level of sentience. He further added that we are more likely to get AI intelligence at the level of cats or dogs before we reach human-level AI intelligence.

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