Meta Launched New Parental Control Features for Facebook & Instagram

Meta Launched New Parental Control Features

While keeping the platform more user-friendly, Meta has launched more advanced parental control features for its social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook. The new and updated features will help parents ‘monitor their children’s screen time on social media platforms.

This new feature will help parents to check the amount of time their kids spend on Messenger as well as they will be able to check the privacy settings and contact list of their children. This can be done with the help of a new Meta Family Center. Parents will also check their children’s activity of the people they report on Meta platforms.

This is a great feature for parents as they can get more details about how their children use social media platforms. On Instagram, they can check their children’s followers and the people they are following.

Apart from these, parents will see the familiar friends of their children and followers as well as the people they follow. This will help parents to identify strange accounts in the friend list of their children.

Meta is working hard on the parental control features for both Facebook and Instagram to ensure the safety of children while using Meta’s apps.

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