Many Google Chrome Extensions Exposed for Stealing Information

Many Google Chrome Extensions Exposed for Stealing Information

In the latest move, the experts found the Google Chrome third-party extensions guilty of stealing sensitive information from users’ accounts. Experts have warned Google Chrome users that additional extensions used in the browser can steal their passwords and other sensitive information.

The reports by cyber security experts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison show that nearly 17,300 Chrome browser extensions can obtain passwords and other sensitive information from dozens of websites.

These extensions can steal data from high-end websites, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. According to reports, these extensions first ask for user’s permission to access specific data on their system and then steal their data without their consent or even their knowledge.

Amazon’s user’s credit card details are embedded in the website’s source code, meaning these browser extensions can easily capture that information from the source code of users’ cache data and misuse it anywhere they want.

It is always recommended to use limited and only necessary browser extensions. Ad blockers, low-quality VPN providers, and proxies are found more guilty compared to other extensions.

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