A macOS bug That Prevents the two-finger Zoom Trackpad Gesture has a One-Click Fix Available

macOS bug
macOS bug

If you use a Mac with a trackpad, you’ve probably run into a frustrating bug that prevents you from using one of the most popular trackpad gestures. This bug affects the well-known pinch-to-zoom trackpad gesture, as reported by numerous Mac users on Apple’s support website and other forums, as well as by yours truly.

I’ll try to zoom in on a picture or document using the two-finger pinch gesture, but nothing happens. It’s a frustrating bug that happens for no apparent reason, and Apple has yet to address it or release a fix. Panning through an image or document as well as the pinch-to-zoom function are both impacted by the issue.

According to some users, this bug mostly affects Apple’s apps that use the two-finger pinch-to-zoom gesture rather than other apps like Chrome. You must use the “kill all Dock” command in the Terminal app on your Mac to resolve this issue.

Simply download the GitHub-hosted app, add it to your menu bar, and click “Fix Pinch Gesture” whenever you notice that the two-finger pinch-to-zoom gesture is no longer functioning. On a Mac trackpad, the two-finger pinch (pan, zoom) gesture occasionally stopped working.

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