Twitter may have deliberately cut off third-party clients like Tweetbot

twitter cut off third party apps
twitter cut off third party apps

“Third-party app suspensions are intentional,” one engineer reportedly said on the company’s Slack.

The Information published comments from Twitter’s internal Slack channels on Sunday, showing that the corporation is aware of the outage and, most likely, the source.

“Third-party app bans are purposeful,” one communication viewed by the outlet in a channel used by the company’s engineers to assess service issues says.

One employee on Twitter’s product partnerships team allegedly inquired when his team might expect a list of “approved talking points” pertaining to “3rd party clients revoked access” on Friday morning.
It hasn’t had a communications department since Elon Musk began reducing the company’s employees.

Musk hasn’t tweeted about the outage, and the creators of Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Fenix, and other third-party clients say they haven’t heard from the firm either.

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