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Best VPN in 2020 | List of Four Best VPNs in 2020

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VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. It is a tool that makes your internet connection more secure and anonymous and allows you to get around the censored sites. A VPN lends your device a temporary IP and connects it to the website you want but from another location.

At the same time, a VPN hides your real IP address. The process is entirely private, as all the online activity stays between your device and the websites you enter. There are no mediators, nor cookies included. 

The main reasons people use VPNs include getting access to TV shows and movies, which are only available in certain countries, bypassing censorship in the current location, increasing online privacy, and making the internet connection faster.  

When it comes to security, in addition to VPN, you might also use other external security systems that can be found at, or

Choosing the best VPN is not an easy task as there are almost 300 available on the market. According to the users’ opinions, here is a list of the top four VPNs for 2020 to help you choose the best option. 


Most people agree that the best VPN available nowadays is ExpressVPN. It consistently proves to be one of the fastest VPNs on the market, and actively promotes the commitment to securing users’ privacy. 

ExpressVPN offers 30,000 different IP addresses. Using this virtual private network, you can make as much as five simultaneous internet connections. ExpressVPN serves spread over 94 countries with more than 160 server locations in those countries. 

Unlike other providers, ExpressVPN offers a feature that prevents network data from leaking outside of its secure VPN tunnel if the VPN connection fails. 

Its best plan costs less than $7 per month for an annual package, including the first three months of using the VPN for free. 


No other VPN provider offers its users as many versatile features as Surshark.

First and foremost, it gives you unlimited device support. You can run your entire home or business on Surfshark’s VPN, without worrying about how many devices you can have connected. It also comes with an antimalware, ad-blocking, and tracker-blocking as part of the software.

Surshark suits the best Chrome and Firefox extensions. The company also has a range of app support for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, FireTV, and various routers. Additionally, devices such as game consoles can be easily configured with Surfshark. The VPN provider has around 1,000 servers in 60 different places all over the world. 

The service costs $72 for the first year of subscription. Month-by-month plans cost $12. The best offer in terms of pricing is $2 a month, for its 24-month plan if you pay $48 upfront. Take advantage of the Surshark’s 30-day trial to decide if you like this service. 


NordVPN is one of the most commonly known brands in the VPN industry, and for a good reason. It offers up to six simultaneous internet connections, a dedicated IP address option, and low data leaking chances. NordVPN also comes with a kill switch feature and the ability to turn VPN into Tor. 

The service has as much as 5000 IP addresses, with 5200 servers in 62 countries.

If you want to use this VPN, it is best to decide on a 2-years plan, as you will get a 68% discount on the second year of usage. The first will cost $3.71 per month then. The regular one-year subscription will cost $7 per month or $84 per year, billed at once. 

NordVPN offers a 30-day money refund policy. 

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is mostly praised for its prices – it is believed to be the cheapest VPN service available in 2020. Clients pay $2.75 a month in case of a 3-year plan or $3.69 a month for the 2-year program. 

Over the last year, CyberGhost has increased its number of servers, reaching 7100 servers in 90 different countries. Moreover, it rolled out new privacy tools to improve users’ online security. 


Most people start using a VPN to evade geo-restrictions and end up staying with the system for a long time. VPN is a great tool that protects and enhances online experiences by providing sufficient security and privacy.

There are numerous options available on the market nowadays; therefore, choosing a VPN may be challenging. According to users’ opinions, the best VPNs for 2020 are ExpressVPN, Surshark, NordVPN, and CyberGhost VPN.

All of them are reputable, reliable, and tested by many people. They provide the highest quality service possible, keeping your online experience safe and pleasant.

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