Top Ways How to Keep Your Content Fresh with Writing Software

Top Ways How to Keep Your Content Fresh with Writing Software

When you have to create content regularly, it’s easy to get stuck or get in a repetitive motion. If your ideas keep repeating and you have nothing new to say, this will quickly kill your website’s success and push your readers away. What you need is new blogging ideas some that will allow you to create a fresh content SEO strategy that boosts the visitors’ number.

If you feel like writer’s block is killing your chance at a successful website and your efforts to be consistent with content are suffering as a result, there’s something you can do to fix this. In this article, you’ll find about the top ways to keep the content fresh with the help of writing software.

Repurpose Your Content

No one says that your past efforts cannot be worth today. Find some of the content you’ve written before and repurposed it. To update the article, see which one worked best for your blog and attracted the most readers. Take that content, look through it, check for outdated information or empty links – and re-post it. 

Give your website a makeover by repurposing the old content. Whenever you don’t know what to write or lack the time, you can use the things you’ve written before to remain consistent on the blog. And if you still lack the inspiration or really want to add something new, you should check this custom essay writing service and ask them to replace you until you’re ready to write again. 

Use More Than One Idea

We often think that we need one good idea to create great content. But, what if you combine several small ideas and connect them in your writing? Adding content to the website does not have to always follow the rules and general guidelines for content writing. Don’t be afraid to paint outside the lines. Combine different ideas to create something new and insightful. Plus, you get the extra benefit of having a unique article that no one else has!


Why do you always have to do this on your own? There are people out there that share the same struggles, which means that you can find them and help each other. Just crowdsource in social media or on a Twitter chat – you never know who can help you!

Choose the Right Posting Frequency

Depending on what your website is about and how much time you have, you should create a posting schedule and stick to it. A schedule will give you the push you need to keep your website up and running, but make sure it’s realistic and possible for you to do.

If every day is too much, skip weekends. If this is a lot and you need a break in between, do it two or three times per week. And if you can’t even do the minimum, find someone to help you.

Schedule Content Ahead

Be ready for the days when writer’s block or lack of time is your website’s biggest enemy. When you find more time or you feel extra creative and motivated, write some extra content and schedule it for later. This way, when you don’t have the time to meet your posting schedule, you’ll have content ready and you won’t miss out. 

Read for Inspiration

When you’re too tired or too unmotivated to write, find some source of inspiration. Other’s people content can give you ideas for your own website. You can’t really steal their content – it’s illegal. But, no one forbids you from stealing their ideas. 

Encourage Readers to Give You Ideas

Why not get ideas from your readers? It’s a win-win for sure. If you encourage them to share some of their favorite topics with you, you can write knowing that your content will interest them. Plus, it comes really handy when you no longer have ideas for writing. 

This is very simple to do. Connect with your readers on social media and ask questions like ‘what would you like us to talk about’. It helps you strengthen your relationship with the readers, while also keeping your content innovative and fresh. This kind of response can truly motivate you as a content writer. 


How often does it happen that you don’t know what to write about? When you have a website, you have to be consistent with your content and the quality if you want it to be successful. But, the source of ideas is not unlimited and very often, you’ll feel like you’re just writing about the same thing over and over again. 

When you are facing such time and need a boost, you can use the tips above to get your writing juices flowing. Just test different strategies and software until you find the thing that works for you.

Author’s Bio:

Michael Turner is a content specialist who works as a full-time writer for a writing service. He’s published thousands of articles online. His passion for writing and years of experience in crafting online content has turned Michael into the best source for content creation tips. 

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