Is Working Remotely Worth It?

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Today’s generation of students lives in a harsh world, especially considering the terrifying consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. It became quite hard to stay calm and keep the internal balance. 

The pandemic has ruined all the plans, career goals, and the economy in general. Many applicants lose their chances to get a job, gain work experience, and develop key skills. And you are probably thinking about how to invest in your career and stand out among other job seekers.

But despite all the damage COVID-19 has caused to the population, it has provided us with the possibility to land a job remotely. Moreover, one can become a professional in almost any field with the help of distance learning. 

Recruiting firms have also adjusted their approaches to correspond to the new reality. They use special software to hire humans with maximum efficiency. Employers have to spend more time and effort on remote employee onboarding, so they try to simplify at least the initial stages of the hiring process. 

Remote jobs are getting increasingly popular, and you should know how to beat the competition. So, before we analyze the pros and cons of working remotely, let’s find out what an applicant has to go through to land a job.

Go Past the Applicant Tracking System Stage

Due to global digitalization, the job search has become much easier. With the help of the ATS system and ATS bots, the hiring process becomes faster, thus saving both the job seeker’s and recruiter’s time and reducing the amount of stress. 

ATS is the resume-scanning software that provides the ability to automate and streamline the applicant tracking process. Its main aim is to coordinate and collect candidate data and scan applications. Here is a list of the ATS functions:

  • the search of candidates on job sites;
  • tracking and processing of resumes;
  • the storage of the most relevant applications;
  • matching resumes with job offers;
  • automatic collection of candidates’ replies to recruiters.

So, to go past the ATS, get noticed by the hiring manager, and land an interview, your resume should meet certain criteria. Read on to learn the details.

Work on Your Resume

Having a strong job application is a must. To beat the ATS and get more interviews, you should highlight your relevant qualification, accomplishments, and experiences in a resume. But it’s not as easy as it might sound. Resume writing presupposes that you know which format to choose, how to organize the sections, and what to mention to impress recruiters.

Luckily, there are plenty of services where you can get professional help from a career advice expert and simplify the process of job search. For example, experts from https://skillhub.com/resume-writing-service have solid experience in different industries and know how to craft a winning resume for you. So, if you have trouble with creating a bot-beating resume, don’t hesitate to get help.

And in case you’re determined to write a resume on your own, learn what to include and what to avoid. First of all, distinguish between skill-focused and work-focused resumes. 

  1. The first one is perfect for applicants who lack work experience, students who have recently graduated, and job seekers who want to gain key skills.
  2. The second is more suitable for laborers whose aim is to showcase qualifications and go up the career ladder. 

What to Point Out

Besides your name and contact details, a bot-beating resume must highlight your relevant hard and soft skills, qualifications, and education. Remember that you also need to engage the recruiter’s attention and persuade them why the company should employ you. To do that, you can state your objectives, interests relevant to the career, and specific achievements that make you an attractive candidate. 

What to Leave Off

The main things you need to avoid are fancy fonts, bank account data, any personal information like home address, marriage status, or religion. Besides, it’s not allowed to use any funny or offensive words and lie about the experience and key skills. If you provide false information and eventually get to the interview stage, the chances are that the interviewer will notice the gap in your knowledge and experience.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and a career is not the exception. Now that you’re aware of how to rank higher among other applicants, we will go through all the arguments for and against getting a job online.

Pros of Remote Employment


Obviously, the main advantage of being employed remotely is that the location and office rules do not limit you. It offers you a wide range of options. You can complete daily tasks almost anywhere, so long as you’re equipped with a laptop and an internet connection. Some people take advantage of this and decide to move somewhere they can always stay connected and have the world at their feet. It’s quite common to find remote workers looking for a one bedroom apartment for rent in new york, this way they can have their own personal space in a place with all manner of cafes, restaurants and other amenities to enjoy whilst working. The biggest thing about being able to work independent of location is that the morning commute is no more, this can save hours each day and allow people to have a better work life balance.


The traditional workday can last 8 or 9 hours a day. Sometimes, people are not even able to have a break to snack and chill. But in case you are working remotely, there is a possibility to create a personal schedule and manage the time as you desire. It’s cool as you focus on accomplishing tasks when you’re most productive. 

Gaining New Skills

Working online requires employees to be self-disciplined and track their time properly. You gain key skills such as responsibility, time management, and prioritizing. You will also learn how not to put off duties for tomorrow and avoid being overloaded with extra tasks. Lastly, you can improve your written communication skills.

Improving Mental Health

We all know how stressful being in an office can be. In some cases, employers exert too much control on their staff, or you have to deal with annoying coworkers who distract you from doing your job. Such aspects can negatively affect mental health.

Working from home means that no one will reprimand you in front of everyone and make you feel embarrassed. Besides, you will be surrounded by family and close ones who will always support and encourage you when it’s needed. Also, you can check some health websites like RollingPaper without any distraction from your boss or other coworkers. 

Cons of Remote Employment

Communication Gap

Proper communication among colleagues plays a vital role in employees’ effectiveness. Being in the office provides you with the chance to approach any colleague when you need a piece of advice or discuss specific topics. =

However, if you work remotely, you have to use video calls or just message the team members to keep in touch with them. But the thing is, you can’t know exactly when they will reply to you.

Technical Requirements

The remote mode requires good equipment and tools to organize everything effectively. You might need to install special software and learn how to use it. Also, in today’s fast-paced environment, you have to embrace changes and adapt to new circumstances quickly. And it can be more difficult if your career resources are limited to online opportunities only.

Final Words

As you can see, remote employment has many benefits, but it’s not for everyone. So, only you decide what is better for your career and well-being. We hope that this article was useful, and the information stated above will help you find a dream job. Also, you can visit resume genius reviews Good luck! 

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