iPhone 15 Pro Max Reportedly Affected by OLED Screen Burn in Issue

iPhone 15 Pro Max Reportedly Affected by OLED Screen Burn in Issue

After the heating issue, some Apple iPhone 15 users reported ‘burn-in’ issues with its OLED screen. The burn-in issue of Apple’s latest smartphone model leaves marks of a ghostly image on the entire screen of the iPhone 15.

It is important to know that the burn-in issue with the OLED screens and panels is not a new one. The issue happens when the phone screen content stays static for more than the usual time.

This static content leaves a ghostly watermark-like image on the screen. This was fixed by the OLED panel providers and it was not reported in the recent past.

Based on the reports, only the iPhone 15 Pro Max models seem to be affected by this issue. The burn-in issue of the iPhone 15 models was diagnosed on X (Twitter) by Tarun Vats (a Twitter user).

The images show that this issue can happen with any phone. Many users reported that Apple is replacing the burn in iPhones for free.

If your iPhone is affected by the same issue, it is time to stay in touch with Apple as they will give you the best possible solution and even a free replacement.

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